Friday, March 25, 2011

Jeep Grand Cherokee Starting Released

Chrysler brand this time to introduce two models of the Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited and the Grand Cheerokee Overland.
Jeep Grand Cherokee is a glutton all-terrain vehicle. This car is like the manufacturer claims is equipped with an ideal balance of Jeep capability. Whether it's for onroad, offroad mapun. What are full-featured car worth USD 1 billion over this?

There are two types released Grand Cherokee Limited and Overland Garansindo ie. Limited use the 3600 cc engine has a power 286 hp at 6350 rpm with a torque of 347 Nm at 4300 RPM.

While Overland using 5700 cc engine with a power 352 hp at 5200 rpm and torque of 520 Nm at 4200 rpm.

Both claimed to have a more economical fuel consumption 11 percent compared to its predecessor. Limited consumption to reach 11.4 l to 100 km while the Overland 14.1 liters for 100 km. But for the CO2 emissions reached 265 g / km for the Limited and 327 g / km for Overland.

Suspension was adjusted with offroad terrain that is Quadra-Lift Air Suspension uniquely combined with New Jeep Selec-Terrain system.

This air suspension has 5 settings in accordance with the car's condition, Normal Ride Height (NRH) 204.5 mm higher ground clearance, Offroad 1 (lift the vehicle approximately 33 mm longer so grounded clearancenya reached 239 mm, Offroad 2 (car up again around 65 mm with 272 mm ground clearance, Park (parking) lower the vehicle approximately 40 mm from the Normal mode, and Aero Mode more vehicles decreased by approximately 12.5 mm from the Normal setting.

Of the five settings that only Normal and Park are governed by the driver, the rest by the vehicle automatically.

Front and rear independent suspension also makes the car better handling and comfort of a car speeding down the street when onroad.

Then how North about the interior? Interior on the old Cherokee was criticized. Is now changed?

To overcome the criticism that, Jeep is now using high quality materials that can be felt like the door. Leather and wood and chrome also decorate. Kemehawan can also be seen on the steering wheel.

The following security features consisting of more than 45 species, among others:

– Electronic Stability Control (ESC)
– Anti-lock Brakes (ABS)
– Traction Control (ASR)
– Brake Assist (BAS)
– Tire Pressure Monitoring (TPM)
– Full-length Side Curtain Airbags
– Seat Thorax Airbags
– Active Headrest
– Rear Back-up Camera and Park Assist (ultrasonic)
– Blind Spot Detection with Rear Cross Path Detection
– Forward Collision Warning
– Adaptive Cruise Control

Vespa PX 150-faced Italian

Vespa Motor not to be outdone by the release of the Lamborghini supercar to commemorate 150 years of Italian unification. For this precious moment, the Vespa is ready to give birth to a Vespa PX 150 is legendary with a face that 'more Italian. "

The official website described losing Vespa brand belonging to the Piaggio & Co.. This will give birth again SpA one of the most popular motorcycle that they have this.

It's nothing, because since it was first released was already more than 3,000,000 units of Vespa PX 150 is sold all over the continent.

Now to celebrate the unification of Italy 150 years into the past and the triumph of Vespa PX 150, Vespa was made ​​a special edition of the PX 150 which dibalur aksesn painted white with green, red and white on the wing and the hood side and the logo of the 150th anniversary of Italy ie 1861-2011.

"On the left side. Technical characteristics unchanged, four-speed gearbox on the handlebars is something that 'must' for the fans, the legendary sound and reliability is ensured by a simple machine and steel frame that can not be destroyed with a unique design and style,"explained Vespa in his official website.

For the price, the motor that has begun to be marketed since yesterday was released at a price of 3550 euros, or around Rp 43.6 million. And if you want more style, Vespa is also providing a retro helmet with the same motif. This helmet is sold with a price of 90 euros.

Suzuki Launch Limited Edition Of Estilo

Indian car manufacturer, Maruti Suzuki Estilo Suzuki Limited Edition presents the Indian car market. The limited edition of Estilo Suzuki was called Edge, where his form is more fresh than the regular version of Estilo.

The presence of a limited version of the tiny cars and signifies the success of Maruti Suzuki has been producing 10 million units of Suzuki Estilo them have been spread to many countries one of them to Indonesia.

Estilo Suzuki Limited Edition powered by 3 cylinder 1000 cc engine that can shoot 67 BHP power and torque of 90 Nm. Maruti Suzuki Estilo presented for urban communities.

In addition to simple, fuel consumption can also be relied upon due to the level achieved by Suzuki keiritan Estilo. There is also a version of the CNG fuel is more environmentally friendly and more to save the contents of the bag as reported by autoevolution, Saturday (03/19/2011).

Well, people in India spend enough of U.S. $ 7,800 to bring the Suzuki Estilo Limited Edition is available starting next month.

Maruti Suzuki was successful enough to bring the latest car. Starting already produced many models namely gasoline and diesel Maruti SX4 and Kizashi. Of all the car most Indonesian people are interested.

Suzuki SX4 Diesel Bestsellers In India

Japanese brand car Suzuki SX4 diesel successfully lure of Indian society. Not yet released one month to the Indian automotive market, diesel-fueled car that was ordered as many as 5,000 units.

Maruti Suzuki India was startled when he saw the Indian community expectations towards the car. How not, the target was exceeded 2,000 per month.

"We have received incredible enthusiasm. Our target when only 2,000 units per month, but by looking at the response when we have to work even harder to meet demand," said General Manager Marketing Maruti Suzuki India, Shashank Srivastava as quoted from indianautosblog, Saturday (19/03/2011).

Diesel Suzuki SX4 is Suzuki's new car amid high world oil prices. Suzuki therefore bring diesel cars that can reach a distance of 21.5 km with 1 liter of diesel.

Suzuki SX4 is equipped diesel engine capacity of 2200 cc diesel DDiS 'Super Turbo' which dikawainkan VGT. The diesel engine that can shoot energy at 90 Ps at 4,000 rpm engine speed and torque of 200 Nm at 1750 rpm.

Machines equipped SX4 Super Turbo works very well and very friendly environment. In India, Maruti Suzuki provides 3 variants of the Suzuki SX4 VDI, ZDi and ZDi.

Bangkok Motor Show Girls

Although somewhat less appropriate because of loneliness latest concept car, but the charm of Bangkok Motor Show can never fade. Who else if not for the girls of Bangkok is the center of attention.

"They want to party like a yes," said a senior automotive manufacturers detikOto homeland when they met at Bangkok Motor Show, some time ago.

Cars on display may not be much new, but once these girls posing, well another story. The visitors and photographers directly with alacrity snap here snap there.

On the first day of the Bangkok Motor Show on Wednesday, March 23, 2011 and, 2 girl action with the Chevrolet Cruze WTCC become the Star of the Show. Sexiness they are able to attract the visitors. Besides Cruze, Chevrolet also launched a new Coloradonya here.

The visitors were women there who made ​​tergeleng his head because of their action. Well ...

Meanwhile, the concept cars displayed this time at the Bangkok Motor Show actually been raised also in the other car shows.

Mitsubishi small car concept showcased the Global Small Concept, the car was first exhibited in Geneva, Switzerland. Suzuki Swift Range Extender installed, with a New KIA Picanto, Proton with streaky sports car concept.

Honda Honda raises enough Brio attract visitors. While Toyota is showing off the FT-EV II and FT-86 sports car. Both each have appeared in Indonesia International Motor Show and Tokyo Motor Show several times. ago.

Samsung SM7 Will Release Soon

Renault's subsidiary in South Korea, Renault Samsung Motors is preparing to release the latest version of the sedan saloon SM7. The plan of this car will be shown next week in the event the Seoul Motor Show.

But before the original figure shown, a subsidiary of Renault was first to give a sketch of the Samsung SM7.

As reported by Autocar, Friday (25/3/2011) of the sketch is sticking a full size sedan featuring a charming design. From this sketch of the new car looks more streamlined than its predecessor.

Samsung SM7 visible indentation of the body flows like a coupe with glass sizes that are not too big. While at the front, a large grille dominated the front.

Samsung SM7 actually been on sale since 2004. This car is based on Nissan J31 platform which is also used to model Nissan Maxima and Teana.

The Korean automotive enthusiasts hope the latest version of the SM7 is the long version of the Samsung SM5 who took the basis of the Renault Latitude.