Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New Generation Showcase Chevrolet Colorado

Journalists from around the world gathered at the Royal Thai Navy Convention Hall, Bangkok, Thailand to await the launch of the new Chevrolet Colorado pickup.

As reported detikOto journalist, Dadan Kuswaraharja directly from Bangkok, Thailand, the atmosphere was very lively. There are hundreds of media who are invited have not included the Chevrolet dealership that seemed not wait to see the latest appearance of the Chevy pickup.

Around 19:00 Bangkok time, Colorado had enough of this long-awaited show. Chevrolet Colorado and bring a replica of the mountain rivers, the launch of this pickup.

Dilaburi silver color and design with new, more captivating than its predecessor Colorado

"Colorado new generation will take 100 years heritage of Chevrolet," said president of GM Thailand / Southeast Asia and Chevrolet Sales Thailand Martin Apfel.

Colorado is still in prototype form has a 2800 cc engine with all-wheel drive system drives. What is interesting is the use of large 20-inch rims with tires offroad.

"If you love adventure and this offroad car for you," said Brad Merkel GM's Global Vehicle Line Executive.

Ford Launches All New Ranger

Before the public was introduced to Thailand at the Bangkok Motor Show, Ford specifically demonstrate the latest products All-New Ford Ranger in Bangkok, Thailand, kapada journalists.

As reported by the journalist detikOto, Mohammed Taufiqurrahman precisely at 11.00 local time, the blanket car cover is opened and seen a vehicle that navy blue, the color typical of Ford.

"We introduce all-new Ranger is scheduled to be manufactured in Thailand," said President Ford ASEAN Peter Fleet at Hotel Shangrila, Thailand, on Tuesday (23/03/2011).

In addition will be produced in Thailand, All New Ranger will also be produced in South Africa and Argentina to be marketed in 180 countries around the world.

Ranger and also the first truck produced by Ford One strategy, which brings together Ford's technical expertise around the world. "In our Thailnad invest $ 350 million Americans," said Peter

The plan, the All New Ford Ranger will be displayed in a premiere at the ASEAN at the International Bangkok Motor Show to-32.

Peter guarantee, after conducting a series of tests overall, the All New Ranger has proven durability and exceptional ability, who supported the advanced technology and fuel efficiency, suitable for the type of vehicle in the 21st century.

All New Ford itself was introduced with two types of engines, diesel and gasoline. Diesel own four-cylinder 2.2 liter capacity, with 375 Nm of maximum torque output and power output of 110 kW (150 PS) and five-cylinder 3.2 liter engine.

For the four-cylinder gasoline engine Ford Duratec 2.5-liter, can generate 226 Nm of torque and power to 122 kW (166 PS).

"For the first time, a certain Ranger diesel model will be provided with automatic transmission or six-speed manual," he explained.

All New Ranger will be raised in two types, namely the 4x2 and 4x4 drivetrain, and two height drive in which the Hi-Rider 4x2 uses the same frame with 4x4 models.

"Every Ranger machine is very competitive among its competitors associated with the consumption of fuel," he said.

Maserati Prepare Quattroporte Luxury Car Replacement

Luxury car manufacturer, Maserati is ready to demonstrate their latest cars. This car is the replacement Quattroporte and is expected to be disclosed at the end of this year.

Replacement Quattroporte luxury sedan has the code name M156 is likely to be introduced in the coming autumn in Frankfurt Auto Show and the show gives a chance to fight the Aston Martin and Porsche Panamera RAPIDE.

DetikOto brand-new sedan is like a quotation from an inside line on Wednesday (03/23/2011) will feature luxurious design with a convertible roof and the same design language with the GranTurismo.

To spur the kitchen, chances are 4.7-liter engine with eight-cylinder configuration will be maintained despite the different engine capacities may also be prepared so that consumers have many choices.

In addition to this replacement Maserati Quattroporte was also rumored to be making a another luxury sedan that is coded M157. Sedan can be against BMW 5 series and Mercedes-Benz E-Class is now also being developed and is rumored to be out in 2014 with the official price of around U.S. $ 75 thousand (USD 654.3 million).

While in the 2012-2013 timeframe Maserati will also issue a sport utility vehicle (SUV) which is likely to be built on the basis of Jeep car or Alfa Romeo but with a more luxurious style and a more powerful engine.

With a planned launch of three new models that Maserati Maserati expects annual sales will increase to approximately 20,000 units. That figure is very ambitious considering the last year alone according to people in the luxury car maker Maserati sales are just being in the car number 5675.

Mitsubishi Strada Triton Launches HD-X Price Rp 268 Million

Mitsubishi double cabin pickup HD-X as a substitute Strada Triton GLX dauble cabin type with all its improvements. The car cost Rp 268 million off the road in Jakarta (not including the BBN-KB)

"With this latest variant is expected that we can further strengthen the double cabin vehicle in Indonesia," kara Marketing Director of PT Krama Yudha Three Diamonds, Rizwan Alam in Palm Hills, Balikpapan, Kalimantan, on Thursday (03/24/2011).

The presence of Triton Strada HD-X is a continuation of a legend of the king's four wheel drive vehicle, which Mitsubishi Strada Triton is known as a specialist field of vehicle weight. Now the New Strada Triton of 6 variants.

Mitsubishi double cab automatic exceed USD 316 million, Mitsubishi double cabin exceed USD 306 million, Mitsubishi double cab GLS AB USD 296 million, Mitsubishi double cab GLS Rp 286 million, double cab Mitsubishi HD-X Rp 268 million and Mitsubish single cabin Rp 218 GLX million.

Mitsubishi double cabin HD-X dipersenjati capacity of 2,800 cc diesel engine cylinder SOHC.4 Direct Injection diesel engine. Machine that can shoot 97 PS of maximum power at 4,000 rpm and maximum torque of 22 kgm at 2000 rpm

Intake fuel pickup was more clever with the injection. This car has a tank capacity of 75 liters.

The suspension is the latest variant is equipped with the 4WD shift-on-the-fly which allows the driver to move the system drive 2WD to 4WD while driving the vehicle is still below 100 km / hour. The suspension system also diimprovement for the rider more comfortable.

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