Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What I Wore, What they Wore -- More Opera

Radio silence around here since my weekend opera posting due to a seized left shoulder which severely restricted keyboard time to working on my essay. Thanks to my lovely daughter's work (she's in her last term of a two-year program preparing her as a Registered Massage Therapist), I'm almost back to normal. Sorry I have been commenting so little on your blogs, but now that my paper's completed (save one last proof-reading), I hope to be back in full force.
For now, a little What I Wore, which has been sadly lacking 'round here. Turns out that what one wears on research leave, living on a small, small island, is not so much what one wants to share with the world. But I did dress up a wee bit for the opera, and Pater obliged with the camera.
This is the first time I've worn pants to the opera, but you might recognize this outfit as almost the same as I wore for drinks and dinner with my sisters back here. Wearing my new watch with it reminded me of the virtues of shopping my closet rather than hitting the shops. In fact, I've used this reminder to keep me wardrobe-purchase-free so far in 2011 (the point of the reminder being that resisting the cheap-thrill rewards of more frequent shopping adds up to enough savings to splurge on something I'll enjoy much longer).
What I counted on to make this more dressed-down approach opera-worthy were the sequins in the tank top, and the sparkly (fake) stones on the shoes. I could have made it more dressy by wearing heels, but I'm babying my feet in preparation for next Sunday's half marathon. Perhaps I was trying to compensate, then, with the bling-y bracelet, but looking at the photos before I headed out convinced me to take it off -- seemed like just one piece over the top.
Tank: Gilmour; Blazer: Smythe; Pants: Linda Lundstrom; Shoes: Sam Edelman;
Thank goodness for that bit of sparkle, though. Otherwise, the outfit's a bit sombre, especially compared to these gorgeous, rich tones -- the costumes of the choir which I tried to describe to you earlier, and which Ling Chan, the VOA's Social Media Manager, has captured in the photo below:

This photo, and a host of others taken backstage (and at least one featuring yours truly) can be found at the Vancouver Opera's Flickr stream.
That's it for opera now until La Traviata at the end of April. Be sure to let me know, though, if you get to one of the remaining La Clemenza performances.