Monday, February 7, 2011

Brabus Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet

The BRABUS Mercedes series is described as highly individual, sporty, and exclusive. The car has an elegant design which does not compromise its performance. The BRABUS series feature a 6.1 liter engine. With this engine, the car is able to run at a maximum speed of 186 miles per hour at 456 horsepower. This series has specially designed wheels which have diameters of 17 to 20 inches.

The E-Class Cabriolet has a natural aspiration. Having larger pistons, larger cylindrical bore, longer stroke, and a four valve cylinder, it is the modified and improved version of the past models. Engine lubrication is provided by ARAL motor oil. With its improved engine, the car accelerates easily moving to top speed in just a few seconds. This four-seater car is among the top performing race cars in the whole world.

People who purchase this car would not only get to enjoy the car’s amazing features, but they would also get to enjoy a three year tuning warranty especially conducted by BRABUS. This way, buyers are sure that their car’s condition would remain in perfect shape even after years of use. They would also get to customize the interior of their E-Class Cabriolet such as the dashboard and the steering wheel.

Classic Recreations Shelby GT500CR

The all new Shelby GT500CR prototype made its debut in Las Vegas at the 2009 SEMA Show. The Shelby GT500CR is actually a car that was released back during 1967. A certain group of manufacturers have decided to make a recreation of this classic.

a manufacturing firm founded by Jason Engel. His company is composed of a talented craftsmen and technicians geared towards a common goal – to recreate classic cars. Every Shelby GT500CR is built upon ordering. It takes four months before Classic Recreation can complete a Shelby GT500CR. This recreation comes in different colors. Buyers may choose from a combination of grey and black, blue and white, yellow and white, black and grey, or red and white. It also comes with the Shelby signature seat.
The price for a Shelby GT500CR recreation ranges from $119,000 to $199,000. This unit has a 7 liter engine with a natural and supercharged aspiration. The 8 cylinder Shelby GT500CR has a power of 545 hp to 780 hp. Every recreation is officially acknowledged by Shelby accompanied by a serial number and a badge. The Shelby World Registry takes charge of recording al of the released recreations. Other recreations of classic cars will soon be manufactured following the success of the Shelby GT500CR

Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano

So what’s new about Ferrari’s GTB Fiorano? According to Ferrari’s announcement, a brand new edition of this model is to be released. This edition is a Chinese Limited Edition created by Lu Hao -a famous Chinese artist. Chinese design elements were incorporated in the production of this model. Lu Hao has worked with Ferrari in order to produce this limited edition GTB Fiorano. It is said to be a fusion of Chinese tradition and Ferrari design.

Lu Hao was inspired by the creations of Ge Kiln of the Song Dynasty. The exterior design of the car has cracks and etches similar to the design of porcelain wares back in ancient China. The lustrous finish of the car resembles jade. The car is run by a massive 12 cylinder 6 liter engine with a natural aspiration. Running at an extremely high speed, the Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano has a power of 620hp.

This special one-off version is set to be auctioned in November 3 in Beijing, China. According to the company, the proceeds will be used to help Chinese students in their education particularly in the field of automotive engineering. More details regarding this project will be announced by Ferrari in the upcoming auction.

SMS 302 Ford Mustang

The exterior of the 302 Ford Mustang is strikingly unique and iconic. The new sculpted look is both rounded and sharp at once. The hood sets the car apart from the rest with its chrome trimmed heat extraction grilles. The sculpted front fascia, with brake ducts, applies a high volume lower radiator intake. For supercharged models, an integrated front splitter with ducting is available. The new side skirts reflect the spear shape of the fenders and flows perfectly into the sculpting of the rear fascia. The rear is given a longer silhouette thanks to the integrated rear fascia, fenders and trunk lid spoiler.

The 302 Ford Mustang is open to tailor-made options from SMS. Owners can choose from show car color options such as Pineapple Express Yellow, Sour Grape Green, Tire Smoke White and Burnout Black to name a few. The owners can customize further by color-coordinating the seats and the chevron stripes and stitching.
The interior totally complements the exterior of the 302 Ford Mustang. Alcantara leather SMS performance seats are designed with patented Signature Series chevron stripes and two-tone leather inserts. A leather-wrapped shift knob and steering wheel distinguishes this car from the rest. The instrument panel features a supercharger gauge pod aside from the 200 mph gauge cluster and temperature gauges.

- Engine: 5 liter DOHC V8
- Aspiration: natural and supercharged
- Horsepower: 440 hp (302 4V model) and 535 hp (302SC model)
- Torque: 400 lb-ft (302 4V model) and 450 lb-ft (302SC model)

Ford Focus RS500

The Ford Focus RS500 is one of those limited-editions models. Only 500 units of this car will ever be manufactured. A unique numbering system has been designed to keep count and for supreme exclusivity.
The Ford Focus RS500 takes the original body design and beefed it up for this edition. To add more punch, all 500 units of this car is going to be painted in its standard Panther Black metallic finish. But it doesn’t stop there. After getting painted, each unit will be shipped to a 3M facility in Frankfurt, Germany and applied a special foil film to achieve the matte black effect. The film acts as a protective shield against nicks and superficial scratches. And the best part of this is if the film gets damaged, Ford dealers will employ a team of 3M technicians to replace the affected film.

The interior design of the Ford Focus RS 500 is nothing short of superb. The interior is decked in a special red color palette. This can be seen on the leather trim stitching on the steering wheel, door trims, gear lever gaiter, and floor mats. To have more oomph, customers can opt to have the standard Recaro front sports seats done in red leather.

Key Features
- Heated windscreen
- Dual-zone climate control
- Rear parking distance sensors
- Automatic headlights and rain-sensitive wipers
- Ford key-free start


- Number of units: 500
- Engine: 2.5 liter inline 5
- Aspiration: turbocharged
- Horsepower: 345 hp @ 6000 rpm
- Torque: 339 lb-ft
- 0-62 mph in 5.6 seconds

HTT Plethore LC-750

The HTT Plethore LC-750 is probably one of the most unique sports cars ever produced. One of its important features is its central driving position. The HTT Plethore LC-750 is a three seater sports car with one seat in the front row and two seats in the back row. The driver’s seat is at the front center while the two seats at the back are for passengers. Not only does it serve as an elegant design, this type of driving position simulates a one seater race car- giving the person a unique driving experience. Also, the central driving position gives the car more stability as it runs at a high speed.

Another feature this model boasts of is its spaciousness. It has a height of 114 cm and a width of 226 cm. Allowing both driver and passenger to move freely inside the car. A central longitudinal 6.2 liter engine powers the car with 750 horsepower. A power assisted steering wheel helps the driver maneuver the car with facility. The frame and the body of the entire vehicle are made out of carbon fiber which gives the car a weight of 2535 pounds or 1150 kilograms. However, the car costs $387,255 which makes it affordable only to a selected few.

Local Motors Rally Fighter

One of the rising American car companies is the Local Motors. This company has indeed created a special rapport with their customers. By asking the aid of their customers in the designing process, they have created wonderful car models. But the first car which made use of the design concept coming from customers is the Rally Fighter.

The Rally Fighter has a 3 liter BMW engine. It has twin turbocharger aspirations and a power of 265 hp. This off-road racer weighs only 3200 pounds. It is already very light for this type of vehicle. In addition, its lightweight contributes to the overall performance of the car. Rally Fighter is a four seater vehicle which allows ride-height adjustment. This provides more versatility in terms of the road conditions. Drivers may choose to make the necessary adjustments for city driving and off-road driving.

The car’s design was actually made by a group of car enthusiasts headed by Sangho Kim. Although it was specifically made for driving in the deserts of southwest America, it is also ideal for city driving. As of the moment, Local Motors is inviting all interested car enthusiasts to share their design ideas. Moreover, they allow buyers to personalize their own Rally Fighter by customizing the car skin.

Mansory Rolls-Royce Ghost

This 2010, Rolls-Royce, together with MANSORY, has a surprise to offer. What better surprise than an up-sized Rolls-Royce Ghost! This new model is refined by MANSORY. Its lustrous blue exterior finish accentuates the shape of the car and would immediately catch the attention of people. Then, it has a gold varnish to add to the “exclusiveness” of the car.

The new MANSORY Ghost is not just an upgrade in terms of size and external features. Both the engine and the interior of the car have been extremely improved. This big package is armed with enlarged bi-turbo chargers, stainless steel sheeting, double sport exhaust system, and sport catalysts. At 5850 r.p.m., this refined Rolls-Royce Ghost runs with a power of 720 hp! The modifications in this unit made the torque sky rocket from 780 Newton Meters to 1,020 Newton Meters. Both front and rear wheels were improved and replaced with bigger and better tires. The car also accelerates at an extremely fast pace considering that it has a weight of 2,360 kilograms. To top it all up, the maximum speed of the car was further increased from 250 kilometers per hour to 310 kilometers per hour! Considering its sporty appearance, the interior of the car is surprisingly very comfortable.

check out prices of the used cars currently available for sale. 2010 Novitec Rosso Ferrari California Supercharged

The Novitec Rosso Ferrari California made its first appearance at the Geneva Car Show in 2010. Novitec Rosso had made extensive upgrades on the Ferrari California from the exterior, to the interior, and to the engines. Novitec Rosso had given the Ferrari California and edge in terms of appearance by making it sportier. This was made possible by a supercharger engine tuner.

It has a 4.3 liter engine with four valves. This 8 cylinder model is equipped with a mechanical charger as well. The exhaust system of this car is improved using Novitec Rosso’s stainless steel exhaust outlet. Then, a manettino, located at the steering wheel, can be used to control the exhaust system. The car’s acceleration is also something that Novitec Rosso takes pride in. From a full stop, the car can go to a hundred kilometers per hour in less than 3.8 seconds! Then, it can go to a top speed of 325 kilometers per hour.

The height of the Ferrari California was lowered by 35 millimeters. The car is equipped with a hydraulic lift which allows the driver to lift the front of the car by 40 millimeters at the click of a button. Thus, running across humps or stones will no longer be a problem.

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3

At long last, Mercedez-Benz has released their newest addition to the SLS AMG series dubbed as the GT3. The GT3 is the ultimate racing version of the gull wing model. It has the perfect combination of design and features.

The GT3 has an engine of 6.3 liters. The materials used for the construction of this unit are all light weight and of the highest quality. Because of this, the car accelerates with ease as it reaches a top speed of 186 miles per hour. The brakes, suspensions, and aerodynamics went through a series of modifications in order to achieve the best performance.
The gull wing doors of the SLS AMG GT3 take you to a new height as it reveals the state of the art interior of the race car. With a six-point seat belt together with a head and neck support, the driver is provided with a racing bucket seat for maximum protection during races. Not to mention the steel rollover cage that provides additional support to the sturdy aluminum body of the car. The car’s steering wheel measures only 33 cm and has a free upper section. Maneuvering the car couldn’t get easier with a steering wheel that does not block the driver’s view.

The car should be available by autumn of 2010. However, it won't be tested on the race track until 2011.

Sportec Porsche Panamera SP560

Panamera SP560- the latest addition in Porsche’s roster of sports cars. Unlike most sports cars which look too rugged, the Panamera SP560 has an elegant appearance. Its stylish design makes it look like a luxury car more than a sports car. It has even been referred to as a sports limousine by some. But don’t be fooled by its looks. This car is equipped with big guns!

The car is has an 8 cylinder 4.8 liter engine and twin turbocharger aspirations. This engine provides the car with 560 horsepower. The car is equipped with 265/30 tires in the front which keeps the car in contact with the ground as it is running. For further stability, the back of the car is supported with 305/25 tires. This model provides dynamic driving. Its ESC suspension can be programmed according to the driver’s preference. The modifications in this unit have considerably increased the torque from 700 Nm to 790 Nm which is actually very powerful!

A sports car that is stylish from the inside to the outside is what best describes the Panamera SP560. Even the exhaust outlets are made stylish using stainless and lustrous steel. Responsive controls complete a driver’s experience with this car.

Porsche 918 Spyder Concept

Porsche, in their Press Release, introduced a new, efficient, high-performance, medium engine, low-emission, and hybrid sports car- the 918 Spyder. The prototype of this model is fused with the latest breakthroughs in technology. Also, it answers the demands of today’s society.

First off, the 918 Spyder is an environmental friendly vehicle having a very low emission rate. After consuming three liters of fuel, the car emits only 70 grams per kilometer of Carbon dioxide. Indeed, it shows that Porsche is not lagging behind in terms of hybrid technology.

Then, it has one of the fastest accelerations. Although the 918 Spyder only has a medium sized engine, it performs as well as those with large engines.
From rest, the car can go up to a hundred kilometers per hour in just 3.2 seconds with a maximum speed of 320 kilometers per hour; running at a speed which is even faster than most sports cars, even Porsche’s own Carrera GT.
The 918 Spyder has an 8 cylinder hybrid engine. And it weighs less than 3300 pounds. One of its best features is the option to choose a running mode located on the steering wheel. These four running modes are: E-Drive mode, Hybrid mode, Sport Hybrid mode, and the Race hybrid mode. Drivers can choose the best mode in relation to the road conditions. Porsche currently has three hybrid cars that will make their first appearance at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show.

TopCar Porsche Panamera Stingray newest

TopCar, the largest tuning atelier, is working on a new project called Stingray. This car made use of the base of Porsche’s Panamera. Its lustrous black finish is sure to turn heads. Plus, the interior of the car is furnished with leather considerably increasing the aesthetic value of the car’s interior. This special type of leather is referred to as Nappa. Even the steering wheel of the car is decorated with intricate and elegant designs.

Stingray focused a lot on the aerodynamics of Porsche’s Panamera. Improvements were done easily because of the decrease in frontal resistance. The aerodynamic set, which consists of the front bumper, back bumper, piston skirt, thresholds, and bonnet, are all composed of the same material called carboxylic fiber.

TopCar made several modifications in the car’s engine. This resulted to an increase in the engine’s overall power. Moreover, the exhaust system was replaced with a more efficient one. The dashboard and the other panels of the car’s interior are carefully designed with genuine carbon. Stingray is set to appear in the 2010 Dream Car Show in Moscow, Russia. This is soon followed by the world premier of this car model at the Top Marques exhibition in Monaco

Cadillac CTS-V Sport Wagon

The Cadillac CTS-V Sport Wagon first made its appearance at the New York Auto Show. Since then, it has received accolades from several acclaimed car experts. The Cadillac’s V series boasts of its unrivaled performance, while its CTS Sport Wagon is known for its design. This new model is a product of the combination of the V series and the CTS Sport Wagon producing a high-performance designer sports car.

This unit has a supercharged aspiration. Moreover, it has an engine of 6.2 liters running at 556 horsepower. The car’s exterior design has a lot of features. One of which is the UltraView sunroof which allows the passengers to enjoy the magnificent scenery as they drive. The company’s signature tailgate motif and V-shaped deck is also present in this model. CTS-V Sport Wagon’s exhaust outlets come in pairs and are made with high grade stainless steel that keeps a lustrous appearance for a long time.

The car is equipped with Cadillac’s most powerful engine as of the moment. Plus, it is equipped with the Eaton Twin Vortices Series supercharger. Compared to regular superchargers, it allows smoother and more efficient airflow.
Lastly, this sports car has magnetic ride control which was developed by Cadillac in 2002. This enables more control of the vehicle no matter what the driving condition is.

Cargraphic Porsche Panamera Power Pack

The 2010 Panamera is a four-door luxury sedan being offered by one of the world-famous car makers -- Porsche. With its 4.8-litre V8 engine, this luxury car is capable of producing tremendous amounts of horsepower, ranging from 400-500 hp depending on the Porsche Panamera model of your choice.

However, Cargraphic’s Porsche specialists in Germany have proven that with a little modification, the car’s already impressive potential to produce a lot of power can be increased by ten percent. The modification has added an extra 50 hp and 75 nm of torque to the wheels turning the car’s overall output to 550 hp/ 404 kW. The 2010 Cargraphic Porsche Panamera Power Pack boasts of its ability to get this luxury sedan moving from 0 to 100 km/hr in a little over four seconds. You need not also worry about the car’s speedometer needle because it has been found to still respond even when you hit the 300 km/hr mark.

Aside from the modification in the Engine Control Unit (ECU), the power pack also comes with two sport air filters to allow more oxygen to reach the turbo. The price of this impressive power-boosting pack is approximately 1,495 Euros (plus VAT). In fact, to exalt the status of the 2010 Cargraphic Porsche Panamera power pack even more, the company is also gladly offering attractive alloy wheels which are available in various sets.

Bertone Alfa Romeo Pandion Concept

To commemorate Alfa Romeo’s one-hundredth year anniversary, Bertone returned to the international scene to unveil a concept car: the magnificent Pandion. This beautiful, yet aggressive, coupe is the first car produced by Bertone’s new Brand and Design Director, Mike Robinson. The inspiration behind the sports car’s name and design is the Pandion haliaetus. This sea hawk, commonly known as the Osprey, lives near the coast and preys on fishes.

The 2010 Bertone Alfa Romeo Pandion Concept boasts of its unique ‘Skin and Frame’ body design that perfectly blends elegance and technology together. The ‘skin’, which is the snake in the logo, represents the seductive and magnificent form of this Italian masterpiece, while the ‘frame’, which refers to the cross, represents the mechanical excellence of the car. Inspired by the natural grace and strength of the Osprey’s wings, Mike Robinson and his team designed the door to open in a striking manner, ending up in a perfect 90-degree above the rear-wheel of the coupe. The interior of this exreme sports car is another sight to behold. The design of the two front chairs resembles chaise-lounges that are incredibly thin and possess carbon fiber shells that mimic the exterior of the car. The whole interior seems to be floating in mid-air creating a ‘zero-gravity’ ambiance.

Looking under the hood, the 2010 Bertone Alfa Romeo Pandion Concept is powered by a 4.7-liter 450 CV 8-cylinder engine that delivers 444 horsepower

GeigerCars Ford Mustang Shelby GT

Dubbed as the ‘American muscle car’, the Ford Mustang Shelby GT made its mark when American racing legend, Carroll Shelby, drove this car showcasing its tremendous power and aggressiveness. The latest version of this memorable vehicle is the 2010 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 equipped with a 5.4-liter V8 engine with 540 horsepower and 510 lb-ft of torque.

With these already impressive specifications, Karl Geiger, a Munich-based US car specialist, went a step further and showed how some small modifications can produce a breathtaking transformation. Engineers at GeigerCars worked on the American muscle car and added a 3.3-liter compressor to its 5.4-liter aluminum engine block to increase pressure. With larger throttle valves, a larger Whipple supercharger, an upgraded modified injection system and machined cylinder heads, the 2010 GeigerCars Ford Mustang Shelby GT’s output is now an incredible 799 hp with a 697 lb-ft torque. So that the car can cope up with the extra horsepower, Geiger added extra coolers for the coolant, engine oil and charge air to ensure that temperatures inside the engine do not spiral out of control. The six-speed transmission was also reinforced and the car was fitted with a 3 disc carbon clutch.

In order to improve handling, engineers at GeigerCars also fitted the car with a special racing chassis, a chrome-moly steel Panhard rod, some polyurethane bushes, and reinforced, adjustable trailing arms to improve the stability of the rear axle.

Pagani Zonda Tricolore

In honor of the National Aerobatic Team, Frecce Tricolori, who is celebrating their 50th anniversary, Horacio Pagani unveiled his latest masterpiece, the 2010 Pagani Zonda Tricolore, as a tribute to this nine-plus-one demonstration team of the Italian Air Force. The team is based at Rivolto Air Force Base in the province of Udine. They will be celebrating their 50th anniversary in September 11 and 12 of 2010.

This exquisite piece of work is powered by a Mercedes Benz AMG 7.3-liter V-12 engine that delivers 670 horsepower and has a torque of 780 Nm. Pagani spared no expense in building the car. The body is mostly built of titanium, carbon fiber and magnesium, and is painted navy blue with red, green and white stripes running down the hood. It also boasts of a six-speed sequential gearbox by Cima which is robotized by Automac engineering, and carbo-ceramic self-ventilated brakes by Brembo. The 2010 Pagani Zonda Tricolore’s wheels and interior are both an impressive sight, with the former painted bright gold and the latter a cool green.

With the tremendous amount of power packed in this beautiful car, Horacio Pagani says that his masterpiece can move from 0 to 100 km in about 3.4 seconds and 0 to 200 km in approximately 9.6.

Edo Competition Aston Martin DBS

The 2010 Aston Martin DBS is a luxury sports car equipped with a 6.0-liter V-12 engine that produces an impressive 517 hosepower and 420 lb-ft of torque. This exquisite piece of work is capable of going on a speed of 300 km/hr or 186 mph.

Edo competition, however, declared their intention to increase the Aston Martin DBS’ specifications even higher. It was a challenge, yes, but one they pursued with determination. At the end of it all, they emerged victorious. Engineers at Edo competition modified the Engine Control Unit of this British wondercar via a software recalibration. They also added in special catalytic converters, a new high performance exhaust system, and an upgraded air-flow system, successfully increasing the car’s output from 517 hp to a whopping 550 hp. The torque was also increased to 442 ft-lb. In order to document the true power produced by the car after the modification, Edo competition used a dynamometer throughout the whole process to verify and calibrate results.

The high performance exhaust system which was made especially for the Aston martin DBS has butterfly valves and a programmeable exhaust control system that monitors backpressure and provides the car with good torque without wasting top end horsepower even when one is driving at low speeds. Edo competition also added sports suspension to this luxury sports car for more comfort and a new high performance brake system for added safety. The result: a highly impressive and safe 2010 Edo Competition Aston Martin DBS.