Sunday, January 30, 2011

Bangkok Motor Auto Show April 2007 Girls

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Spring in the Offing? . . .

While I've composed several posts in my head out running recently, I'm saving my typing muscles for the paper I'm writing. My word count is creeping up, and I'm confident I'll meet my deadline with time to spare for some serious editing and revising, but all the usual suspects are hurting -- back, elbow, wrist, and most worrisome, shoulder. I tend to get a carpal-tunnel, non-tennis-elbow thing going when I spend too much time at the keyboard and sometimes shoulder involvement. The latter can take a while to bounce back from, so I'm trying to ration out keyboard and mouse minutes.

If you want some wise and entertaining words, I highly recommend this post on what we've learned by "a certain age."
But while I have few words of my own to offer you today, I brought my camera out for a walk with me and collected some photos to share over the next few days.
First up, though, are the ones from just outside the door, where there are signs of incipient spring despite the forecaster's promise that the next few days will see sub-zero (Celsius) temperatures.
And even last year's leftover efflorescence looks glorious in the winter sunshine (its swan song, in fact, as Pater cut it all down just after I took its photo).
And this Mahonia japonica -- buttery colour and delicious fragrance from late November to mid February. What a return on fifteen or twenty dollars spent ten years ago!

I have more images of winter-flowering gardens coming up tomorrow. ' til then . . . enjoy the end of your weekend, whatever your weather. . .