Monday, January 17, 2011

Silence is Golden . . . and my Eyes Still See . . .

Not only am I trying to make some headway on an article I'm supposed to be writing (Research Leave isn't all about traipsing around lovely new cities, after all), but I spent the weekend with an unwelcome bout of gastroenteritis. Since Pater picked up on it about a day later, we're suspecting a virus rather than food poisoning, and we're both on the mend today. Still, I find it hard to muster either the time or the enthusiasm to regale you with an account of eating in San Francisco and Yountville, the intended subject of my next post.

Rather than abandon posting altogether, I was inspired by Eric's ParisDaily photo of winter sunshine on the Madeleine in Paris to post my own photos of San Franciso buildings gloriously illuminated by the late afternoon winter sun.
Sorry to have so little to offer you, word-wise, especially when so many new visitors have been stopping by at Lisa's suggestion
but perhaps some silence can be as golden as this marvellous light, these buildings' tones . . .
and besides, we all know that a picture is worth a thousand words . . .
so Eric's 1000 (above, remember?)
plus my 5000 . . . and I'm probably over my limit.

But you're not . . . feel free to leave as many words as you'd like in the Comments. Always Welcome!