Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Between Here and There

You are such good guessers! Yes, we're heading to San Francisco this morning and should be in transit by the time you read this -- unless the snow Vancouver's expecting tonight slows things down at the airport. . . a few days exploring a new-to-me city and then a few days discovering some new wines outside the city. And yes, lunch with that wonderfully stylish blogger you all know and love -- and the Privilege will be all mine! I'm pretty excited -- did the exclamation marks give me away?
And until I've filled the camera with San Francisco, I thought I'd leave you some recent post-storm beach scenes . . . found art, right at my doorstep . . .

I'd also like to direct you toward a brand-new blog, one written by my "baby" sister -- 15 years my junior, she's unlikely ever to outgrow that endearment, but she has her own babies, four of them, 18, almost 17, and then the just-ten-year-old twins, the Ladies, as they're called by the extended family. Kathy (that's her, second from the left below) works full-time, manages her brood with efficient, generally joyful energy, organizing their hockey teams, chauffeuring here, there, and everywhere, and besides all that (and because of it, she claims), she runs prodigious distances. Now she's begun a blog with the clever title, I Run From Home -- and it's worth a look-see. She's my baby sis and I'm biased, but I think she writes entertainingly and thoughtfully. If you do visit her, say hello and tell her I sent you, would you? She'll be tickled.