Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Maserati Prepare Quattroporte Luxury Car Replacement

Luxury car manufacturer, Maserati is ready to demonstrate their latest cars. This car is the replacement Quattroporte and is expected to be disclosed at the end of this year.

Replacement Quattroporte luxury sedan has the code name M156 is likely to be introduced in the coming autumn in Frankfurt Auto Show and the show gives a chance to fight the Aston Martin and Porsche Panamera RAPIDE.

DetikOto brand-new sedan is like a quotation from an inside line on Wednesday (03/23/2011) will feature luxurious design with a convertible roof and the same design language with the GranTurismo.

To spur the kitchen, chances are 4.7-liter engine with eight-cylinder configuration will be maintained despite the different engine capacities may also be prepared so that consumers have many choices.

In addition to this replacement Maserati Quattroporte was also rumored to be making a another luxury sedan that is coded M157. Sedan can be against BMW 5 series and Mercedes-Benz E-Class is now also being developed and is rumored to be out in 2014 with the official price of around U.S. $ 75 thousand (USD 654.3 million).

While in the 2012-2013 timeframe Maserati will also issue a sport utility vehicle (SUV) which is likely to be built on the basis of Jeep car or Alfa Romeo but with a more luxurious style and a more powerful engine.

With a planned launch of three new models that Maserati Maserati expects annual sales will increase to approximately 20,000 units. That figure is very ambitious considering the last year alone according to people in the luxury car maker Maserati sales are just being in the car number 5675.

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