Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ford Prepare To Figo 1600 cc

Ford small car the more complete variants. The plan will provide Figo Ford engine capacity of 1600. The car is of course to complement variants Figo 1200 cc and 1,400 cc.

The car is still manufactured in India, but as quoted from indianautosblog, Wednesday (03/30/2011) Figo will also be marketed to the Middle East.

Not much explanation about 1600 cc Figo, but his plan would bury Ford automatic transmission in his new car one. There is also a manual version, because Ford did not want to let their customers can not feel the responsiveness of the engine that will be carried Figo 1600 cc.

Other information, engine capacity of 1600 cc that can shoot power of 101 PS and torque of 146 Nm. Ford provides several special colors and sporty colors. The suspension system sudh diadjusment for the pleasure rider.

Ford Figo is one of the most awaited cars in some countries. Ford India exported 1,500 units Figo to various countries ranging from Mexico, the Middle East, North Africa and the Caribbean.

In India, Ford took off Figo with banderolan U.S. $ 7,690 or approximately USD 73 million only. Figo has a long dimension of 3.8 meters by 1.7 meters wide with four doors. Unfortunately, Ford declined to comment when Figo 1600 will be released. If you remember Ford's determination at this time, it is not impossible that car will come the end of 2011.

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