Wednesday, February 23, 2011

what SHE wore, all pink . . .

Perhaps Duchesse is not the only reader who finds me somewhat selfish showing pictures of what I wore, mentioning Nola, and showing no pictures of that little girl. Who cares what Nana wore, I can hear Duchesse fret, where's that Nola?

So Duchesse, these are for you. Nola models the sweater I knit her, insisting (above) that she do up the button herself -- as she now does for all zippers, buttons, snaps, and velcro. Ah, independence!
And she's obviously got layering down -- the sweater over her pink-print hoodie over a green t-shirt. She was quite delighted that now she had 1-2-pinks (counting the brighter pieces, sweater and pants, ignoring the hoodie's pale imitation).
She's hard to get a shot of these days, moving so quickly, but she did keep flashing her smile so I could photograph her basketball skills . . .

We pick her up from daycare again today, but before that, I think we'll do some Vancouver tourism (probably zip out to UBC's Museum of Anthropology) and, lucky me, I'm getting a massage this afternoon at the Massage Therapy school my daughter's attending, from my daughter. What a treat!
And then after Nola's dad takes over at dinnertime, Pater and I have another french lesson -- yesterday's went well, and I'm looking forward to a few more before . . . but no, that can wait for another post. . . . What are you up to today?
And tell me, honestly, you prefer the Nola posts to the What I Wore posts too, don't you?!

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