Sunday, February 20, 2011

What I Wore: Smart Casual with a Soupcon of Luxe

I am still having the occasional turn-myself-inside-out bout of coughing, but I'm almost ready to skip an afternoon nap again. Between inching back toward running health and seeing some very welcome sunshine, it occurs to me that it's time to smarten myself up, wardrobe-wise, as well. After all, even though I'm not in front of a classroom this term, those near and dear might be getting a bit weary of my black leggings and whatever comfortable tunic-y garment is at hand.

So I thought I'd make a small effort today when Pater suggested we head to town for breakfast at the delightfully Parisian-inspired Mon Petit Chou, one of Nanaimo's more cosmopolitan notes.
After all, a very good Croque Madame (open face, sunny-side up eggs, thinly-sliced ham, all on sinfully rich slices of brioche bread) and a dark, rich Canadian (decaf, but still a very good freshly roasted coffee) deserved a bit of French in return. Thus I made sure to tie my Hermès scarf at the neck of a plain grey (but oh-so-yummy cashmere) v-neck. In my opinion, at least, this elevated the denim skirt, worn over grey ribbed wool tights because it's damn cold out there! And also in the way of elevation, I decided I'd wear heels again for the first time in weeks -- I was taking care, before last Sunday's run, not to wear anything that might compromise knees, ankles, whatever. But I love a bit of height to convey a bit of attitude (when you're not quite 5'4", every inch helps!)

In case you've never seen photos of me with straightened hair before, I'm the first to admit it alters me considerably. Gaetan, co-owner of Chou, did a double-take this morning, not recognizing me at all at first, and I reassured him that even my husband almost biked right past me on the park pathway yesterday. Those curls are obviously such an iconic part of how the world sees me. And I'll wash them back in tomorrow morning so that my granddaughter, Nola, doesn't get upset. Meanwhile, a change is fun for a day or two. . .
Sweater, Banana Republic; Skirt, Esprit; Tights, Hue; Boots, Frye; Scarf, Hermès (fuller view of scarf here)

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