Thursday, February 17, 2011

New generation Suzuki SV650S started selling in Europe

Japanese Suzuki presented to the public a new generation of cult sport motorcycle SV650S.
2011 suzuki sv650s
This model was first introduced by the manufacturer in 1999, and thanks to its extraordinary power and low cost, once acquired a vast army of fans around the world. C the onset of the previous generation Suzuki SV650S three years have passed, and finally, the moment has come a long-awaited update of popular models.
new generation suzuki sv650s
Comfortable handling, impeccable appearance and comfortable ride – just make it clear that Suzuki SV650S created for entertainment and for pleasure driving.
Updated sportbike received DOHC petrol engine V-Twin volume of 645 cc water-cooled, aggregate compact 6-speed manual transmission Transmission with vertical shafts. The angle of the collapse of the cylinders is 90 degrees, which eliminates the vibration, and the motor itself is lightweight and compact. New most economic 70-strong V-Twin power unit has an impressive maximum torque to 64 Nm. And the electronic fuel injection has a two-chamber throttle valve, which allows you to develop the optimum air flow rate, squeezing out the maximum possible engine efficiency. A liquid cooling system increases the durability and engine performance. The injector is equipped with new items of air-pulse system PAIR, which reduces exhaust emissions in the atmosphere doubled.
Compact and stylish instrument panel includes: LCD speedometer, tachometer, odometer, clock, fuel level gauge and temperature gauge.
Among the emerging changes was the new 41-millimeter forks with RWU stroke length 130 mm, two front hydraulic 290 mm disc brake with dual- pads, adjustable rear shock absorber Link-type and single rear brake disc 220 mm in diameter.
These sports bikes are very popular among fans of street racing and novice racers.
In Europe, Suzuki SV650S will be supplied at a price of about 5,500 euros.

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