Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Minerva R 150 VX Spesifikasi

Minerva 150 R VX Specifications, prices, weakness, Test Ride. PT. Minerva Motor Indonesia (MMI) has launched a new sports bike Minerva Sachs R 2010 150 VX which dibanderol the price of Rp. 16.5 million, - or sixteen million five hundred thousand rupiah on the road in Jakarta.

Minerva excess of R 150 VX
Minerva Minerva genarasi this latest claim has been applying some feature that superior, call it the Projection Lamp, Digital Speedometer, Monosock Absorber, Sporty mufflers, Rear Disc Brake and Twinker LED Lamp. The futuristic and sporty design complemented with advanced features, making Minerva 150 R VX as new trendsetter in its class.

Test Ride Minerva 150 R VX

Sidelines of a test ride, the President Director of PT. Minerva Motor Indonesia said, "Additional features quite a lot of our attention is a form of market demand in Indonesia is very concerned models and features of a vehicle. Advanced features such as head lamp using Light Projection, Sein lamps with LED lamp and the system upside down for the front suspension is expected to make Minerva Sachs R 150 VX-class as a trendsetter, "said Kristianto.

In addition to the display side, Minerva Sachs R 150 VX also undergone significant changes in the sector pacunya kitchen. Armed with 150 cc SOHC engine can produce up to 13.5 PS at 9500 rpm. Motor power output is slightly larger than R 150 Minerva.

Meanwhile, to overcome the vibration problem, Minerva 150 R VX Sachs has adopted a system of Advanced Balancer shafts to reduce vibration in the engine.

Weaknesses Minerva Sachs R 150 VX

Unfortunately, the path provided is very short, so participants could not test ride to feel the power of the engine the R 150 VX makasimal this. However, in handling virtually passable. For reservations Minerva Sachs R 150 VX can be done at the dealers Minerva with three color options, White, Black and Red. Actually the above is not including lack of motor Minerva 150 R VX, because the new motor is launching today, it is a weakness side can catch up.

Engine: single cylinder SOHC engine with oil cooler and engine Balancer
Coupling Type: Multiplate. Wet clutch
Final Ratio: 2.533
Piston diameter x Stroke: 61 x 49.5
Maximum Power: 13.05 PS / 9500 rpm
Maximum torque: 10.05 Nm / 7000 rpm
Compression ratio: 9.2: 1
Dental Operating: 1-N-2-3-4-5
Ignition: Digital CDI with Electric and Kick Starter
Type of battery: 12 V-7 AH
Length x Width x Height: 1982 x 675 x 935 mm
Distance of the Wheel Fuse: 1365 mm
Lowest distance: 195 mm
Empty weight: 115 kg
Maximum load: 150 kg
Tank Capacity: 12 Liter
Suspension Front: Upside down
Rear Suspension: Mono Shock
Front and Rear Brakes: Disc Brake Piston Double
Tires Front: 80/90-17
Tires Rear: 120/70-17

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