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Motorcycle, Benelli, Tornado BENELLI TORNADO TRE 1130 DARK GREEN

benelli, benelli Tornado Tre 1130BENELLI TORNADO TRE 1130 BLACK

DOHC(double overhead camshaft)
MAXIMUM POWER 120Kw = 161 Hp
MAXIMUM NET TORQUE / RPM 124 Nm = 91ftlb
FIRING ORDER 1 > 3 > 2
MAXIMUM VALVE LIFT Int.9,8 exh.8,75
CLUTCH Dry slipper clutch system
IGNITION Digital - inductive type via electronic engine management
GEARBOX 6 - speed
TRANSMISSION 525 chain type
2°18 / 35
3°21 / 32
4°23 / 30
5°24 / 28
6°25 / 27


Aprilia, RSV4R, total motorcycleAPRILIA RSV 4R WHITE

Aprilia, RSV4R, total motorcycleAprilia RSV4 R is the latest product of this winning project, a no-compromise hypersports motorcycle: ultra-technological and innovative, a machine that gives riders the means to constantly raise the bar of their own personal limits. Aprilia RSV4 has brought a wind of change into the world of hypersports bikes; Just one look and you know that its genes are made up of the same winning DNA as the bikes that have earned the marque from Noale 36 world championship titles on the racetrack.
RSV4 R is a true Aprilia, above all because it is so incredibly easy to ride, bringing superlative performance within the reach of any rider.

Engine capacity: 999.6 cc
Architecture: 65° V4
Crankcase: monobloc with integrated cylinder liners
Timing system: 4 valves per cylinder (Titanium and Nymonic) operated directly by a camshaft driven by a mixed chain/gear system, lateral timing chain, central gear train.
Fuel system: electronic injection with 2 injectors per cylinder and integrated independent Ride by Wire system for each bank. Three mappings selectable from handlebar.
Antivibration countershaft
Maximum rpm: 14,000
Compression ratio: 13:1
Transmission: six speed cassette gearbox
Clutch: Multiplate wet clutch with slipper system
Electronic management: Magneti Marelli control unit managing ignition, injection and Ride by Wire system.


Zero S, total motorcycleZERO S RIGHT SIDE

Zero, models,specificationsMOTORCYCLE ZERO S LEFT SIDE

2010, Zero, motorcycle
Instant acceleration and a lightweight design enable the Zero S to take on any city street, hill or obstacle. Whether accelerating onto the highway or out of the turns, the Zero S is designed for performance. Imagine instant torque and power from a standstill. Imagine smooth acceleration as you race out of turns. Then, imagine never needing to stop at the gas station.

A clutchless one speed, the Zero S is geared for rapid acceleration and increased efficiency. Using a direct chain drive and hardened alloy sprockets the Zero S is able to achieve minimal frictional loss. This increases the overall range and channels power into speed.
•Clutchless one speed
•Geared for rapid acceleration and maximum efficiency
•Minimal maintenance


Yamaha, YZF-R1, total motorcycle, motorcycleYAMAHA YZF R1 RED

Yamaha, YZF-R1, total motorcycle, motorcycleYAMAHA YZF R1 BLACK

Yamaha, YZF-R1, total motorcycle, motorcycleYAMAHA YZF R1 BLUE


Ultra-lightweight, compact, 998cc, DOHC, 16-valve, liquid-cooled, 40 degree inclined, in-line four-cylinder engine with "crossplane" style crankshaft.

The key components of this cutting edge engine design are the "crossplane" crankshaft and an uneven firing order. Both of these features are used on
Yamaha's championship winning M1 MotoGP racer. Please note … this is not a "big bang" engine. The R1 departs from the norm for in-line 4 cylinder
engines and the 180 degree alignment of the crank pins (where the connecting rods attach to the crankshaft), and locates the center two rods
at a 90 degree plane from the outer cylinders. This means instead of the crank pins aligned on the same plane (a straight line drawn through
the center of the crankshaft), they align on 2 planes in the form of a cross ... or "crossplane". Working in conjunction with the crossplane
crank is an uneven firing order.


Vegas 8-Ball, total motorcycle, motorcycle VICTORY VEGAS 8 BALL

2011, Victory, Vegas 8-Ball, total motorcycle
Engine Type 4-stroke 50o V-Twin
Cooling System Air / oil
Displacement 106 ci / 1731 cc
Bore x Stroke 101 x 108 mm
Compression ratio 9.4 : 1
Valve train Single overhead camshafts with 4 valves per cylinder, self-adjusting cam chains, hydraulic lifters
Fuel System Electronic Fuel Injection with dual 45mm throttle body
Fuel Capacity 4.5 gal / 17.0 ltr
Exhaust Staggered slash-cut dual exhaust with crossover
Oil capacity 5.0 qts / 4.75 ltr
Charging System 38 amps max output
Battery 12 volts / 18 amp hours
Primary Drive Gear drive with torque compensator
Clutch Wet, multi-plate
Transmission 6-speed overdrive constant mesh
Final Drive Carbon Fiber Reinforced Belt

Key Victory Vegas 8-Ball Key Features
New Blacked out 106-Cubic-Inch Freedom V-Twin: The blacked-out engine provides a stylish centerpiece for the Vegas 8-Ball, plus, it provides an incredible 97 hp and 113 ft.-lb of torque.

USA MSRP - $12,499 USD
Canada MSRP - $13,939 CDN

Hawk Helmets and Bike/Motor Bike Safety

A Hawk helmet is the best protective gear you can wear while riding a motorcycle. A helmet will not only protect your head from a potential injury, but also cut down on wind noise, windblast on your face and eyes, and deflect bugs and other debris that flies through the air. It will also protect you from changing weather conditions and reduce rider fatigue.

Last but not least, wearing a Hawk helmet is a reflection of your attitude toward riding and shows that you are a responsible rider who takes motorcycle riding seriously.
The expected turn around time from one Hawk helmet to another is three years (or a crash). If you have a crash, be sure to throw the Hawk helmet out and replace it. If you have the same helmet for three years be sure to get a new Hawk then as well.

There are a number of different Hawk available. Hybrid helmets allow you to slide the chin part of the Hawk helmet upwards. It's useful for people who wear glasses or bifocals. Open faced Hawk helmets (also known as three quarter helmets) protect the ears and side of the face, but offers no chin protection.

New The best MotoCzysz C1 990 2011

It is very easy to take for granted how wonderful and great for internal combustion engine is really, in fact, I think it is incomprehensible. MotoCzysz engine designed for C1 is one of the engines (horsepower per liter) is stronger than any ever built in America. Has a mean piston speed of 25 meters per second, a plain 56 miles per hour, a speed-driven daily habit. But the journey of the piston C1 is much shorter than your daily commute, and the piston leaves the location (home) and arrive at their destination (office) after traveling less than 2 ", yet still manages an average 56mph respectable for this entire trip. Until the piston starts and stops much faster than the family minivan. And C1 has a Redline 16000 rpm, which is higher than the average car engine, which is slightly higher than the average sportbike engine, but less than a Formula One engine. 16 000 rpm in each piston makes the ease of (home to the office) 533 times per second or 160 times in the blink of an eye. Also the piston is not a passenger on his own (part of) has on the parts of the additional average of 10 (bar, rings, pin, screws, etc.) that traveled with her and the piston drives usually in convoys with 6.4, 8, 10 in some cases up to 12 Other "passengers "This is only for the Pistons. There are 16 to 32 valves in the car, too that the average voluntary "mitigation" along with hundreds of other parts that add to the "traffic". Effectively and so, after a hundred years, we have evolved subtly machine that can be converted to reciprocating movement of the attack targeted a simple determination of the Rotary Club. What if we removed all the madness Harm / Beauty and replaced it with one part of a rotation, and the results generator torque magic, and an engine for the future more likely, of Mars from Detroit. Enter the electric motor.

One part of the ongoing one-way. 10 - D1 on the dyno. Energy storage / conversion aside, the electric motor is the simplest most efficient tool for the job, if this work is to create a rotary torque drive. The problem is, there is no electric motor is specially designed for motorcycle, let alone Superbike. Motorcycles have evolved very machines that benefit significantly when the rider is to achieve a perfect delivery of torque. This "special engine" is an important factor allows the rider to feel more in control and confidence and thus to secure more than one machine and job. Greatest strives to provide the ideal torque may come from the abundance of electronic assistants to fix problems with the internal combustion engine. At the end of the day electronic aid for the purpose of building an electric motor.

The first version MotoCzysz - D1 generates more than 10 100rwhp (rear wheel horsepower), which may not sound like much until you add 250ft/lbs of torque to the equation. Stream 2010 600cc sportbike makes 118hp (105 + - rwhp) and 48 ft / lbs of torque at the crank, and therefore the RWHP is right on target, the game changer is the torque. Torque is the force accelerative; motorcycle with more torque will accelerate a motorcycle with less torque. Directed to get the same top speed, we have the expense of Motor 10 - D1 600cc accelerate a current in the line of four. Other "motor" of benefits and 10 - D1 handover of power by converting 90% of energy to the Board in torque, and 600cc in-line four - 35%.

The best MotoCzysz C1 990 2011

I've lost the race before the first corner, then beat in the race after the last corner. The one, the race 16 minutes fully reflect the position MotoCzysz. Never give up! I was a little apprehensive going into the race e-Power International Federation of Musicians in Laguna Seca, and not just because I personally race, not only because E1 is still in the process of early development, but because of the fans. Red Bull USGP hosts some of the motorcycle most loyal, dedicated and educated race fans in America, and attending to see the biggest competitors in the fastest motorcycles in the world. MotoCzysz was very happy to be part of this great event, but I can help I do not think that we have a "project" would be laughed off the peninsula. To my surprise everyone, and mail was the most exciting race finish of the weekend! It is clear that there is no comparing a motorcycle to motorcycle, (thankfully almost everyone understands the concept of) machinery, electronic support Cabbage faster than most expected. But there was some appreciation for the rest of the motorcycle division of the ear, and although we were "eerily quiet." In the end, the concern and support for the difference of electric scooters for motorcycles, and other riders, fans and especially what is expected, a result that left me almost more comfortable win in the race itself ... Almost.

Before the race
The E1pc MotoCzysz reliable strongly from the first test. This has allowed the team to spend more time developing and less time in re-engineering. We had only ever "tripped" the system once, causing the system to error and stop the bike, and after reviewing the firmware this has never happened again, even for Laguna, during the playoffs when the system is tripped, criticized again. We are confident it was an issue of noise on a single parameter that we do not filter, a simple problem but one we can not patch on the right track. Unlike the implementation of the "trip" the perfect bike. The main issue we have focused over the holiday weekend and the comments, and we simply do not E1 on this type of circuit. Laguna Seca on the tracks in terms of experience of motorcycle riders higher pressure loads under the G and we grew up under the fuze of the department. We made good progress, but with only two practice sessions we did not get closer to the race was held in I would have liked.

Race. Improved with the trauma, before re-building and raised the ride height we clasp in the front row in P2. The Barnes P1 and although I wanted the pole, and we stuck to our plan, and focused on the preparation of the race during the playoffs. We have put in more laps than any other team during practice and qualifying, and collect more data and worked towards the establishment of the best race possible. After qualifying we have increased the potential power of E1. We took only a very small step and we were moving to the parameters that are not tested and he wanted to be smart. I hope you continue to follow the Barnes in the first half of the race, and learn, and then try to make a break through the strategy of the second half of this period, about 50 ', and there was one in favor of p2. Spotlight on full throttle ......... Error trip ... Die ... Raise my left hand (think Contact Scott all the time) until 3 bike everywhere he went, and then I can leave my hands and began to restore order. Once been reset controller, and I can finally start to accelerate again, but you've already lost 4 seconds in the process, before each t2. I passed one rider at least going into T2 and then caught up to DeRidder, who was in P2, but I could not get it until T5 and lost the last second. Before I even completed the first lap, I was already just 5 Barnes. 2-3 lap I am fully aware of the throttle, and speed up the wisdom of the journey not the system again and although my times are dropping lost another 2 seconds to Barnes. At this point I still think we are in a race and try to stay relaxed and focused. But on lap 4, I have another major setback; Barnes and I'm having a rider for our second and cabbage Barnes clearly gets by Hannes Mike # 15 better than I do. Hold Hannes but is unable to make the pass until he graduated from the key loss last 2.5 seconds in this process. At this point, and our deficit grew to Barnes to 9.8 seconds, and the largest gap in the race. I kept telling myself, "relax, and be a technical and ... do not give up."

It was on lap 5 point turn and we matched, so Barnes fix things a little time. Lap 6, 7 and 8 and we continue to convert times faster than Barnes reduce the overall lead by another 3 seconds, and was now trailing 6.6 seconds. I can see the gap began to close on lap 6 and held close more quickly on 7 and 8 laps. I knew Barney was not slowing down ... Was his bicycle. T11 going for the last time, I closed up to 1 in second place behind Barnes. Can drive a nice, any trip ... And win be possible. As we started down on the straight line in the end you focus on the drive and Barnes and do not even see the bike until we went winding Barnes left to make his card. My speed was closing on both bikes is very high. I quickly veered right, and has achieved success in winning on the shoulder off the track.

New MotoCzysz C1 990 2011

In contrast to our familiar universe in continuous expansion, the world of the contestants in the universe We have a unique Information Technology is forever breaking. A goal is one rider to go faster and faster, thus pushing each rider of time and place ... That is, until he / she arrive at Bonneville. Road race is very complicated, and ballet minutes were quickly fatal. Road race is filled, filled with incentives, road race Rachmaninoff; ten thousand notes and do not pause. Bonneville is not the road race and the challenge of salt on Electric Moto is something completely different. Bonneville is the solo-and-white, single and pure, the Bonneville is a single note; played once, and hold for two minutes. Bonneville is exactly as you would imagine, white, flat and wide simply as any other place on earth. History is palatable, and brave men, stimulated the machines work together, and try faster ... Faster than anyone else ... Than ever before. It is not important and both are very important at the same time. Bonneville calls per capita, tinkerer and a small team to battle and try to become the dominance of the resistance is not visible, but not quite, the enemy. It is a battle for all but the resistance is playing fair, and let the warriors of the slowest with the least effort to save their strength for more worthy opponents faster. Family affair; Terry Czysz (father) on the rear wheels, Czysz Max (11) on the seat, Ryan Taylor (MotoCzysz GM) on the bars and Enzo Czysz (13) considering the Bonneville him for the first time in 2011

Zen on the track Ghost. Track Marshal radio signals to him, "This is the return of Wim nominating himself for the record attempt the world, MotoCzysz bike # 3, ready to go." Although the E1pc MotoCzysz 100% ready, as is the silence of the dead, I hear the response on the radio nearby. "International Federation of Musicians return journey the world record, an attempt, the path is clear, bicycle # 3 is going to launch." The Marshal looks directly at me, mimicking the closure of his point guard and then a fake green flag in my face and waves it. In front of me is something ... Huge 5 km track that is all but invisible, to make sure not to turn in sight. Path is too long and the salt is flat so you can detect a slight rise in fact in the middle of the road, which was created from the bending to the ground! Horseback riding in the Bonneville your focus is short-sighted ... Your task this single ... The whole experience, and overcome. In the preparation of E1pc to go as soon as possible, and we also eliminate virtually all the way from slowing him, no gears, the engine is not braking, not the front brakes, and all that was left of one very small brake race (and not very effective) back. Shoulders, elbows, knees and tight, tight as possible and feet against the machine, tucked one hand on the leg so the fork and fingers a little bit away carefully. Seat in the head down, so low you have to strain your eyes to the top of the bottom until you see the part of the path. It is hard to breathe in this situation, it is very comfortable. However, the most effective weapon against your enemy, the resistance in an attempt to infiltrate without being seen in our case and also heard.

Electric machine at home on the salt. The electric motor is pure, and create a little more torque, and certainly not unwanted distractions to hide deep Zen experience of speed. No noise unnecessary, ridiculous and any vibration depression any interruption in the last acceleration and gear changes. Salt, it seemed every other non-motorcycle, electric and seemed dated, even antique, this was unexpected but very reassuring. All records in the future of immigration and customs quickly land on his rivals by using electric motors! And E1pc MotoCzysz the way, the rider in 2010, won two races in the largest electricity roads in the world, even set records in both races. To pass on first down to break the salt E1pc break what was current land speed record. My goal was enough to say that we achieved 160mph, 165, and eventually we got to 163mph, and therefore the results were very positive, right on target.

Motorcycle Tire Changer

Many of us do a lot of our own motorcycle maintenance and repair.  The motivations for this are varied, but cost savings is probably the number one reason.  I know it is for me!
I've been an Automotive Technician for more years than I wish to remember, and it pains me to pay anyone to perform a service or repair I should be able to do myself.
If I hadn’t been doing my own service and repairs I’m not sure I would have been able to afford the “Fine Piece of German Engineering” I have been riding for the past 130,000 miles.
It's the little things that we do ourselves that can really add up in cost savings.  One of those tasks is mounting and balancing our own tires.
When I returned to riding I was shocked at how quickly those ZR-series skins wore out.  I was used to getting 40-50,000 miles on a set of tires on my car, but only 6,000 on a set of motorcycle tires?  OUCH!
Being the frugal person that I am, I bought my first set of replacement tires over the Internet. 
I took them along with the rims and the old tires I had removed from the bike to my local dealer, who proceeded to charge me $30.00 per tire to mount and balance.  Wow, that’s $60.00 a set!
This was a two-to-three hour procedure just to travel to and from the shop, and it was only possible during their normal hours of operation, obviously.  I needed to come up with a better plan. 
After some experimentation, I found I could do the dismounting and mounting where I work on one of the automotive tire machines.  Two riding buddies and I split the cost on a balancer for home, and this paid for itself -- or my share anyway -- with the first set of tires.
But wouldn’t it be great if I could do everything at home whenever I needed to and not pay someone to scratch my rims?  No more driving the cage to work on a beautiful day or riding around with the tire and rim from my son’s Gixxer strapped onto the back seat of my K1200LT.  Thus the plan to purchase a tire mounting machine for home was hatched.
Choosing the No-Mar Motorcycle Tire Changer
A search on the Internet for motorcycle tire changers resulted in several hits for both manual and automatic/power assisted changers.  A powered automatic unit, commonly found in a professional shop, was out of the question due to its high cost.
This left me with a few products that all seemed to work in the same manner via a long bar for removing and installing the tire bead from the rim.  But my bike has painted alloy rims which can be easily scratched if clamped improperly or with jaws that have no protective treatment/covering. 
When using the machines at work I would always wrap the clamps that held the rim to the turntable with duct tape to prevent damage, which was a nuisance.
Although there were cheaper brands, I found only one motorcycle tire changer that mentioned that their clamping system and bead bar were designed specifically not to mar any wheel, and hence their name, No-Mar.
The creation of the No-Mar motorcycle tire changer was developed out of frustration by a motorcycle enthusiast tired of paying someone a bunch of money only to end up with scratched rims. 
No-Mar’s goal is to manufacture an affordable motorcycle tire changer that’s fast, easy to use and safe on ALL types of rims, including carbon fiber (see their video for special handling procedures).  They claim to continuously refine their products to make them efficient and easy to use without harming any type of rim.  And, the No-Mar motorcycle tire changer is made right here in the U.S.A.
No-Mar has several motorcycle tire changer models available, including "heavy duty" models for the more demanding environments such as a professional repair shop that replace numerous tires on a daily basis. 
I chose to go with their “Classic” model bundled in their “Ultimate II” package which includes: the Classic unit; a mount/dismount bar with replaceable plastic tips; a mounting base (with the necessary hardware to fasten it to the floor); four No-Mar spoon bars; three “helping hands”; one metal spoon bar; two types of tire lube (spray and cream); several strips of wheel weights; a tire valve stem core remover/installer/reamer/tap; a wheel balancer with a pair of large cones for hub-less wheels and an instructional CD-ROM.
One of the things I appreciated, as a prospective buyer, was the fact that No-Mar provides online videos that demonstrate the use and operation of all of their equipment. 
Changing Tires the No-Mar Way
There is a separate video for each step of the mounting, dismounting, balancing procedures and other videos covering some special situations such as stiff sidewall tires, etc.  This was extremely helpful in understanding the dimensions of the tire changer, exactly how everything worked and whether it was something I thought was worth having at home.
With two cars, two bikes, a bike lift and other assorted toys and implements in the garage, I was concerned as to just where in the heck I was going to mount this thing since they show it being bolted to the floor.  So when I came across their hitch adaptor, which allows the unit to be attached to any 2” trailer hitch receiver, I figured this was the solution. 
When needed, I could slide the tire changer into the receiver on my truck, do my tire changing and then store it out of harm's way, or maybe even hoist it overhead in the garage.  Of course, it's also possible to bolt the tire changer to the floor.  If this is the case, the tire changer can be stored by removing the lag bolts, leaving the anchors in place, and moving it into storage.
Since I already had a balancer, the fine people at No-Mar swapped out the balancer for the hitch adaptor.  Some day maybe I’ll look into bolting it down... 
Prior to purchasing the No-Mar tire changer I wondered if I could just mount it to a wood pallet with a piece of plywood nailed top.  But after using the tire changer for the first time I’m glad I didn’t rely on that method.  I discovered that it really needs to be securely fastened to something more stable.
Upon receiving and inspecting all of the components I was impressed with the quality and finish.  All of the metal parts are finished in a “7 step Silver Vein Powder Coat Finish”. 
All of the components of the motorcycle tire changer come with a one-year warranty for wear and breakage (with the exception of abuse) and a lifetime warranty on all of the plastic parts to the original owner (which is where most of the wear will be).  Sounds like a good deal to me.
Assembly of the changer was simply a matter of bolting a few pieces together with the included hardware, which was easy since I was not going to be bolting the tire changer to the floor; my plans were to use it solely on the hitch mount. 
That's it -- I was ready to tackle my first tire change.  It just so happened that “The Enterprise” (my ’99 BMW K1200LT) was in need of both front and rear tires -- perfect timing! 

treadwear rating on motorcycle tires 2

motorcycle tires