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sexy motorstyle

Best CRS DUU Motorcycles Concept

Those of you who had the abdomen to sit through Terminator Salvation with your eyes accessible will bethink the mototerminators that launched themselves from the legs of the behemothic collectors. Those were absolutely based on Ducatis, but if you absurd the attending of them, again Italian bike architect CR&S has article appealing close.

Called the DUU Concept, the naked ride is a aggregate of "a adventurous European rolling anatomy powered by a able-bodied American big-twin." The agent is a 1.9-liter (117 cu. in.) X-Wedge supplied by S&S. Wrapped about that powerplant is a anatomy that CR&S says can be tailored by the chump – although they don't announce how above presenting the best of distinct or two-seater versions.

But back anniversary DUU will be fabricated by hand, one-at-a-time, we brainstorm they'll be blessed to do annihilation your wallet will allow. The DUU Concept is actuality apparent November 10 at the Milan International Bike Show. CR&S said it has affairs to body them from abutting year, at €20,000 ($30,000 U.S.) apiece. Check it out in the arcade of high-res images below.

«DUU» on the Milan dialect means “two” and characterizes the complete set of 2-liter 2-cylinder engine, as well as the connection may be one of two “cultures” moto structure. Conceived live you will see very soon on the EICMA 2009 passing from 10 to 15 November.

Speaking about the cultures of moto-structure of compounds in this motorcycle, implying the existence of a European sports chassis and a large, traditionally-unit type of the American V-Twin. The engine will have a capacity 1.926ss, but data on the power and weight of the motorcycle is not yet known. Design DUU swift and aggressive, though, unwittingly, an association with Ducati Streetfighter, if that was designed Harley-Davidson, with the use of design elements from musclebike Yamaha VMax and MT-01.

The company CR&S plans to begin selling «Duu» in Europe by 2011 at a price which starts from 20 000 Euro (29 500). Each year, will be made by hand, only a few motorcycles.
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Intermission . . .

This opera is astonishingly beautiful, stunning music, really. and Lucia's first aria -- the end of a duet with Alisa (mezzo-soprano Dionne Sellinger) had the crowd applauding and even, from a gentleman in the row ahead of us, several heartfelt hoots. Gutiérrez's soprano is breathtaking -- how can something so powerful appear to float so effortlessly, note piling on note in a sumptuous wreath of sound. . . .

'First thing I'm going to do tomorrow morning is get a CD of this opera, btw -- I'm in love with Donizetti's gorgeous, gorgeous bel canto music -- the ensemble just after Edgardo arrives to learn of his beloved's supposed betrayal, the intricate mix of complex emotions, even Enrico regretting his perfidy. Speaking of which, as bad brothers go, he's very. very.

One aspect in particular that I love about this opera is the rhythm of the orchestral score and the way that rhythm plays against the singers' lines. Sprightly rhythms, often with playful syncopation. Also striking to me is how "sprightly" and "lilting" can coexist with the rather -- pardon the clichéd term -- dastardly deeds that drive poor Lucia to the brink of madness. Did I mention very bad brother? As for brink of madness, she's there, poor sad beauty, and when we head back in, a few minutes from now, she's going to topple over. . .

Finally lifting my headto peek around at the crowd. I'd hoped to grab my daughter and send her out to snap a few shots for me, but it's a bit hectic rushing from our seats out to the table, trying to get the Wifi, get to Blogger, type madly, etc., But I've spotted a fellow sporting a kilt in honour of the Scottish setting -- he's just stopped to chat and left me a card, so I'll add that info in a later post along with a photo he let me take. But there go those nagging chimes again -- "Ladies and Gentlemen, the performance will be resuming in five minutes . . . " So I'd better go find my date and head back in. Talk to you again after the show . . .

Opera Anticipation -- pre-show post

So here we are again, my fellow bloggers and I, sitting at a table in the lobby of the Queen Elizabeth Theatre. Rather like the growing excitement before a symphony concert, with the instruments tuning up in that marvellous cacophony, there's a building minute by minute as the various personnel take their places, calling out instructions or requests, making sure ice is ready for drinks, checking that we have everything we need. Soon the opera-goers will begin to arrive in their finery, two of my daughters among them. By then we will be on the backstage tour, but right now, it's fun to watch the early-birds.

If they've come for drama, they won't be disappointed tonight, I'm sure. Lucia di Lammermoor was adapted from a novel by Sir Walter Scott, that old master of the page-turner, and it abounds in all those elements we love (as long as we don't count realism among those). When I updated my Facebook status tonight to say that I'm opera blogging, my brother-in-law quickly commented that I should post whenever someone dies. I don't think the body count will be high tonight, but I won't let Pete down. This photo, provided by the VOA from a bank of rehearsal shots, leaves little doubt that we'll have drama. Star-crossed lovers, intrigue, fraternal treachery, brooding scenery, and yes, finally, blood. No need to warn of spoilers -- it's opera, after all! Above, Burak Bilgili as the chaplain Raimondo, and Eglise Gutiérrez in the title role. So excited -- just got back from the Backstage tour and as we left, we walked past the cast dressing rooms -- Bilgili and Gutiérrez were both in the hallway, along with several other lead singers, and we excused ourselves as we squeezed past -- apparently Gutiérrez and Bilgili are husband and wife IRL.
Below, Michael Fabiano (squeezed past him in the hallway as well) as Edgardo and Eglise Gutiérrez as Lucia, the passionate, but doomed, lovers in an embrace.
Pater and I saw Gutiérrez as Gilda in Rigoletto last year -- brilliant soprano -- ánd we're looking forward to hearing and seeing her again.
The bells are chiming so I'm rushing to post this before going in. Here are some scenes from our backstage tour -- fellow bloggers Stacey and Niki --- I'll add links later. Next day: links added -- and here's third blogger Miranda's link as well -- she's a fabulous wedding photographer, do check out her site.
and more proof there will be drama.

The set is a very clever unit set (that is, it will remain on stage as is for the entire show) -- castle with stairs, ramparts, very interesting use of perspective.Daggers, castles, candelabras, all very atmospheric, no?

Here's Ling Chan, the very gracious VOA Social Media Manager, getting a shot of us -- do check out the Vancouver Opera's blog, if you get a chance, to see photos and coverage not only of the opera but of the Bloggers' Night at the Opera. The VOA has been widely lauded for its use of social media in various forms to get the word out about opera as entertainment that still rocks in the 21st century!

Really, I'd better go . . . talk more in the intermission


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HP2 Sport continues to model year 2010 with the addition of a special edition of Motorsport. familiar flat-twin engine is equipped with double overhead camshaft provides 133 hp at 8750 rpm,

The Best New Yamaha Scorpio 2011

One thing that must be considered, said Rachman, is a wheel problem. The solution was slightly modified in the sector, said Rachman. The reason is on the relay and conroad arm. We bend and do engine brake control can be uncomfortable.

However, there are constraints on the relay and conroad arm problems. Photo Blog Edo Rusyanto Meanwhile, Rachman, special technicians Yamaha, say, Scorpio is very comfortable and stable while driving in high speed. New Yamaha Scorpio? Because, New Yamaha Scorpio white color as shown in the picture was in the warehouse, said Andybrod, Ferdinand S Harmin close calls.

I believe PT YMKI will issue these motors. In a separate occasion, Chairman of the Mailing List Yamaha Scorpio (MiLYS), Ferdinand S Harmin assess New Yamaha Scorpio will soon appear. I definitely let you know soon about New Yamaha Scorpio, said Paul when talking with the author through cell phones, on Wednesday (25 / 8). Currently, we still concentrate on Yamaha Byson. Prediction looked behind New Yamaha Scorpio I was immediately informed about the New Yamaha Scorpio.

Assistant General Manager of Promotion and Motorsport PT Yamaha Motor Kencana Indonesia (YMKI) Paul Sugih Firmanto say, changes in appearance is a refreshing part of a new product. The difference is visible on the speedometer, tank, headlights, front-rear brake discs, wheels, tires, striping. As observed from the photographs, it was obvious a motorcycle engine model similar to the Yamaha Scorpio previous generation. Various opinions about the New Yamaha Scorpio also appear. INFORMATION about New Yamaha Scorpio who is rumored to be appear more crowded.

Yamaha Scorpio Fazer 250 Was 2011

Fazer 250 Yamaha can be a weapon in 2011 to replace the Scorpio! It feels when you see a look of Yamaha Scorpio who was too old and long time no update. While the Scorpio can only produce 19 hp at 8000 rpm and a torque of 1.86 kgf.m at 6500 rpm.

Where the Fazer 250 is superior because it can produce 21 hp at 8000 rpm, and has a maximum torque of 2.10 kgf.m at 6500 rpm. The difference engine capacity would affect the performance. Fazer 250 also has used fuel injection carburetion system. In addition, another striking difference is the Fazer 250 already apply oil cooler so that the cooling system better than the Scorpio.

When Fazer 250 using 74 mm piston being Scorpio is only 70 mm. Long stroke his equally difference is 58.0 mm in diameter piston.  Who's 250cc engine is certainly Bore up version of the Scorpio engine.

New Ymaha Scorpio 2011

Latest looks from Yamaha YS 250 Fazer Yamaha released by Brazil recently. Net capacity of 249 cc motorcycles will be marketed in 2011. Fazer 250 2011 version is a refreshing version of the previous model, which is still sold in Brazil.
From the side view, the motor is pretty grim with a pointed style headlamp design Fazer 800, passing like a design similar to the Yamaha V-Ixion and also Yamaha Byson latest. Then, the use of tank flap that makes this bike look fuller.
While on the back cover is designed tapered body that comes with the use of diamond-type LED lights make the Fazer 250 is more sporty and handsome.
The feature, which is still a motor sport with Yamaha Scorpio platform has several advantages. Like, who apply the instrument panel analog and digital systems. Plus disc brakes that have been applied to both wheels.





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to 8500 rpm.