Thursday, December 2, 2010

What I Wore, Last Week of Classes

I doubt I'll ever manage IndigoAlison's wondrous feat of turning out a whole week's Wardrobe Watch at once, with commentary and analysis yet. But I did manage to catch Pater twice this week on mornings when I was dressed and ready to run for the ferry with a few minutes to spare. So two, two, two outfits in one post (two mints in one. . . does that old commercial for Certs still echo for anyone else? the joys of being a certain age, this mammoth trove of trivia in the memory bank).

Did you spot the anomaly above? Yes, I am wearing two different sorts of footwear -- does anyone else ever do this? try one shoe on one foot, a boot on the other, and then pose in front of the mirror, turning this way and then that, determining the best look?
Which do you prefer? Which do you think Pater did? And what did I walk out of the house in?

So that was Thursday. Tuesday brought out a bit of leopard as silk chiffon trim on this knit tweedy-wool cardigan. Always fun to wear, but it doesn't get out too often as fun must be parcelled out judiciously, no? It's so cozy, though, that it might get out of the closet more often now, as winter is firmly ensconced (as it certainly is for our fellow bloggers and their compatriots in Paris, London, and other parts of Europe--brrr!).

Thursday, top photos. Dress, Sandwich; Boot, Fluevog; Brogue, Browns. In the end, btw, I substituted simple silver ball studs for those dangly earrings which just seemed too busy.

Tuesday, bottom snap. Tissue-weight olive-grey top, Wilfred (Aritzia); heavy jersey skirt (brilliant stretch, makes the pencil shape manageable), BCBG; cardigan, Simon Chang; shoes,Fluevog.

Now I have to go pack whatever I'm going to wear to the opera tomorrow night. I'll be blogging "live" from the lobby as I did for Lillian Alling, so I think I'll at least pick matching shoes. Tell me now, which ones do you think I wore Tuesday?

Sexy motorcycle models2

Sexy motorcycle models2

2010 Yamaha YZF-R1 MotoGP Replica



Harley Davidson Will Soon Launch yourself into a new market that is state of India. India motorcycle users are the second largest in the world, so it means the Harley-Davidson build a wide network to India. Harley-Davidson Motor Company (HDMC) President and Chief Operating Officer Matthew Levatich

Same View, Always Different

What a difference a wee bit of sunshine makes. Same scene as in yesterday's photo, but the blue shades are more benign than the gloomy greys. And the marine red which Hostess noticed as contributing to a certain richness in the earlier photo is even livelier here.

Note that the red is reinforced here by the presence of another freighter to the north. . .

while to the south, the pair is matched by two more freighters whose hulls are probably also marked by some red, not discernible, though, against the early morning sun.
Isn't that wintry gold-and-grey sky magical?


Harley Davidson CustomRED HARLEY DAVIDSON

Harley davidsonHARLEY DAVIDSON

Harley davidson van2

The Harley Davidson Motorcycle of Your Dream
. Often abbreviated as HD or Harley davidson, harley davidson motor this is the American motorcycle manufacturer. This bike is a symbol that has become part of popular American culture. It symbolizes a certain carelessness attitude and adventure. Founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, during the first decade of the 20th century, it was one of two major American motorcycle manufacturer.

treadwear rating on motorcycle tires

Motorcycle Tires

Motorcycle Tire Tips

Motorcycle tires are oftentimes misunderstood. This is a saddening fact. They must be well-taken care of because they affect comfort, safety, handling as well as the entire ride. We hot bikers must be aware of the two types of tire construction – the bias-ply and the radial. Cruisers, usually use bias-ply tires. On the other hand, sport bikes use radials. Bias-ply has a round profile and high sidewalls while a radial tire has a flatter profile and shorter sidewalls.

In bias-ply, the carcass is made up of overlapping layers of nylon or rayon cords. The flexing action generates heat to result to a good grip. The disadvantage though of this construction is that it decreases performance and accelerates tire wear when too much heat is generated. Radial tire construction, however, got is name because its plies are running at a 90-degree angle. As oppose to the bias-ply, this construction reduces heat generation. As a result, tires are cooler. The adverse effect though is that the sidewalls are easily flexed. Thus, the sidewalls are given a shorter profile. Tire pressure really matters to the tires. Therefore, it has to be checked regularly.

Aside from tire construction, bikers must also be knowledgeable about tire wear in relation to choosing tires. Softer compounds are good in producing more traction however, they wear out quickly. Harder compounds have better wear but they may not cause a good grip. Moreover, OEM or aftermarket motorcycle parts manufacturers and distributors must consider dealing with effective grip coupled with longer mileage when it comes to tires. This is of course to prolong the life of motorcycle tires.
One factor that can affect tire wear is the hot biker’s riding style. Aggressive bikers usually have their front tire to wear out faster than the rear. This is because they tend to brake late with mostly the front brake. In contrast, cruiser riders, normally wear out the rear tire first. The reason is that they have more weight at the back of the bike.

In order to know, when to change your tires, you can do the ‘penny test’. To do this, put a penny into a tire groove with its head pointing down if you can see the top of the head of the person in the coin, well, its time to change tires. It can be an indication that the tread depth has already reached 1/32 of an inch. Remember, new tires will have a very different contact patch and lean-over edge.
Have a feel of your new tires. Yield a better and optimum road grip and find your edge in the hot biker community!

The Best Wallpapaer Honda CBR 900 2010

We wanted to know For 1998 the CBR900RR received an extensive number of refinements and changes to keep it on top of it's game and ahead of the competition. We had to find what was going on for ourselves. The bike that had retained the open class sportbike crown for years was now being reported as a runner up, second fiddle, unimpressive at best.

Rear Suspension Pro Link, one Showa damper, 120mm wheel travel, adjustments for spring, preload, rebound damping, compression damping Front Brakes 2x 310mm discs 4 piston calipers Rear Brakes Single 220mm disc 2 piston caliper Front Tyre 130/70 ZR16 Rear Tyre 180/55 ZR17 Seat Height 810 mm Dry-Weight / Wet-Weight 180 kg / 206 kg Fuel Capacity 18 Litres Consumption average 17.1 km/lit Braking 60 - 0 / 100 - 0 13.0 m / 37.0 m Standing ¼ Mile 10.6 sec / 212.1 km/h Top Speed 268.8 km/h Reviews Motormag / Article di Technical / Manual The reports were disturbing. / electric Max Power 130 hp 94.8 kW @ 10500 rpm (118.1 hp  10300 rpm) Max Torque 92 Nm  8500 rpm Transmission / Drive 6 Speed / chain Front Suspension 45mm Showa cartridge, 120mm travel, adjustments for spring preload, rebound damping adjustable. Capacity 919 Bore x Stroke 71 x 58 mm Compression Ratio 11.1:1 Induction 4x 38mm Keihin CV Ignition / Starting Electronically triggered.  Honda CBR 900RR Fireblade Make Model Honda CBR 900RR Fireblade Year 1998 Engine Liquid cooled, four stroke, transverse four cylinder, DOHC, 4 valve per cylinder.

The New Photo Honda CBR 900 2010

In experienced hands it It's capable of tremendous speeds in a straight line as well as around corners. The RR is unmistakably a hard-core sportbike for the serious rider. The gauges while very functional are a little hard to read, especially at night.

Instruments include electronic tachometer and speedometer, LCD readouts for temperature, odometer, and two separate tripmeters. The fairing is small and aerodynamic, improved for 1998, yet it does a great job of deflecting the main blast around the rider. The seat is much more comfortable than it looks and will actually keep you in comfort for a reasonable length of time up to a couple of hours or more. This will wear your arms and shoulders during longer rides.

The bars are comfortable except that their positioning requires that you place a great deal of your weight on them. You kind of get used to the wide tank which actually helps keep you in place under extreme braking, which the CBR is capable in spades. The controls are typical Honda which is to say they're excellent. Comfort wise, the 900 is pretty good.

The problem is that the flat spot is right where you'll need smooth and abundant roll on power the most. Once the RPM rises a bit further, a second surge of power will kick in lofting the front wheel to the sky, all the way to the 11,000 redline. The bike will launch well then the power will flatten out.  To experience the awkward powerband all you need do is accelerate through first gear.

Honda CBR 900RR Fireblade 2010

The stiff It's one hell of a competent sportbike, after all that's it's one purpose in life. Once you reach you're favorite backroad however, the bike comes alive as you twist the throttle and pitch it into corner after corner. On the highway, you'll find the bike competent yet stiffly suspended. Surprisingly, the bike is civil, quiet, and easy to ride around town.

Once you're accustomed, however, you'll find the bike is fun to ride just about anywhere you travel. Once on the street, you'll find the bike takes a bit of getting used to. And when you place your feet on the pegs, you can't help but notice the exceptionally wide fuel tank that bows your legs to an unnatural position. The first thing you'll notice after throwing a leg over the CBR is that you set down into the bike, not on top.

The bike feels low and compact, just what you'd want in a serious sportbike. (click here for complete details) We wanted to know what these changes meant for the sport rider who would purchase the bike for everyday use on the street and this was the focus of our test. For 1998 the CBR900RR received an extensive number of refinements and changes to keep it on top of it's game and ahead of the competition. We had to find what was going on for ourselves. The bike that had retained the open class sportbike crown for years was now being reported as a runner up, second fiddle, unimpressive at best. The reports were disturbing.