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Motorcycle TVS Vertex150
TVS Motorcycles one of the two-wheeled vehicles that were launched some type of design, such as Rock TVS, here also we provide the image Vertex150 TVS, TVS NEO. TVS is also a special survey on Username in countries. Director of Sales and Marketing TVs Motor Company Indonesia K. Vijaya Kumar TVS factory in City of Industry Suryacipta in Karawang, West Java, on Wednesday (10/6/2009).


Motorcycle Kawasaki Athlete Fury125KAWASAKI ATHLETE FURY 125


Kawasaki ZX 130 R

Companies vying motorcycle in their latest product release, the example companies kawasaki motorcycles, kawasaki motorcycles will launch their duck pictures beriku: called Kawasaki Fury 125, Kawasaki Athlete 125, Kawasaki ZX130 new generation, kawasaki is quite a lot of demand as well, but the price high

Back to the Future -- What I Wore

Although the snow is all gone now, and I'm not sad about that at all, I'm happy enough to recall the fleeting beauty it confers on all manner of everyday sights. Here, for example, it highlights the rugged yet delicate edges of an oyster shell,
the conversation between woodgrain and shell-whorls,
while it trains the eye to see the many seductive colours, textures, and lines in what might quickly be dismissed as simply white.

As well, the cold weather gave me a chance to get out the winter coats. While I just posted about my charcoal cashmere BR coat, I was also very happy last week to wear something a bit more dramatic. And although it's over three years old now, the coat garnered me numerous colourful compliments, several of which involved narrative comparisons: apparently, it reminds people of Little Women and also evokes steampunk.

So if you don't mind, I'm going to do something I've never done on this blog before, and that is to repost what I once said about this coat along with the pictures I offered then. I have to say that while I obviously loved the coat then, I'm even happier with it now when, three years later, it confirms a certain continuity I hope to have established in my personal style. Three years, of course, is a relatively short trial and I do have coats of considerably more longevity, but these days, when the What's In/What's Out columns change at bewildering speeds, I'm thrilled the honeymoon is lasting this long and confident this dramatic coat and I will grow old together.

Before I leave you with this post from December 2007, I'll just recount my Son-in-Law's comment one very windy Christmas Eve, when he looked back from the boat to see me coming down the low-tide-extremely-steep boat ramp with this coat's skirt billowing behind me: "That coat's awesome -- you look like a gun-slinging Ninja or something!" (Note: he quickly qualified that Ninjas would never sling guns, but that the coat seemed to demand the mixed metaphor.)

In my teens, I was impatient when my mother would say that a good coat was important, that it made a first impression. For me, a coat was something to keep me warm and dry 'til I took it off at school or, eventually, work, and I preferred to use my clothing budget for the more fun stuff (not coincidentally, the items that could affordably be replaced more often while the coat had to serve for several years).
But it's been a few decades now since I've come around to mom's way of thinking and the last few years, especially, I've been appreciating the comfort and confidence that a good coat can provide. Here's my latest acquisition, the Creenstone coat I debated about several weeks ago
You can see the fullness of the skirt as it blows in the wind here.
I love these buttons up the sleeves, the zipper details, the shaping . . . all that and I'm warm and dry!
I wore the coat to take Mom to the Festival of Lights at the VanDusen gardens -- wonder if she noticed that I'd paid attention to her early lessons!





This is the suzuki motorcycle design, here we show images photo suzuki motorcycle Shogun SP, Smash Titan, Smash TR. As far as I know only the Suzuki Ducks who have other types of disks attached at the center of the crossbar wheels, CMIIW.





Design Yamaha Issued Vega ZR is always a new face, for a consumer is never miss-see the latest models from the design of this Yamaha Vega ZR output. The new face duck low end Yamaha Motor That does not affect the selling price of these motors. PT Yamaha Motor Kencana Indonesia (YMKI) That Produce Yamaha motorcycles in Indonesia to Ensure no price increase is.



Honda Wave 110iAT MotorcycleMOTORCYCLE HONDA WAVE 110iAT

Motorccle Honda Blade110RMOTORCYCLE HONDA BLADE 110R

Types of Ducks Honda Motorcycles. Can not deny anymore the world's transportation motorcycle racing each other in the win market and launching various types of motorcycles have been issued, in a win over customers. Duck motor-scooter Honda BEAT, BEAT Duck Motor-Scooter appear in European style.

BMW S1000RR Gallery

BMW S1000RR Wallpaper

BMW S1000RR Pictures

BMW S1000RR Pictures

BMW HP2 Sport

BMW HP2 Sport

BMW HP2 Sport Bike

BMW HP2 Sport Bike is the sportiest, most powerful and lightest Boxer ever manufactured by BMW. HP2 Sport is the same high performance sport bike that Richard Cooper and Brian Parriott rode to fifth and sixth place finishes in the April's Daytona 200. The HP2 (High Performance 2 Cylinder Boxer) Sport Bike is available in limited supplies and has the MSRP tag of $25,375 plus taxes, license, options and handling charge. More details and pics after the jump.

2011 KTM RC8R Superbike

2011 KTM RC8R Superbike Picture

KTM brings more power to the table with its 2011 RC8R Superbike. The Austrian marque had previously announced a race-ready version of its Twin-powered superbike, dubbed the 1190 RC8R Track, at the earlier INTERMOT show in Cologne. For Milan, the Orange and Black announces changes to the base RC8R with horsepower up to a claimed 175.

The structural architecture of the 1195cc 75-degree Twin is unchanged, including the 105mm bore and 69mm stroke. Internal modifications to the four-valve heads feature a “newly developed dual-plug ignition.” Other changes includes a new crankshaft spinning in the crankcase. The mods add up to an impressive 10 horsepower leap over the previous generation RC8R, with 175 horsepower and 93.7 lb-ft of torque (previous version claimed 165 horsepower and 90.7 lb-ft torque).

The chassis features “a completely new suspension and damping set-up” for the suspension. A revision to the rear shock linkage is also touted, along with a wider array of suspension adjustment settings. Other tweaks include a new gear shift linkage and LED running lights.

Ducati Streetfighter Pictures

Ducati Streetfighter Fighting Sport

Modification Bajaj Pulsar Motor Italian Style

Bajaj Pulsar 180 DTS-I fabricated in 2010 came from India. He alone administer the appearance abounding dress archetypal alias battlefront MotoGP. "Pulsar this box will be added for the purpose of Turing," says the arch of the Riau Bajaj Community...

American Chopper Modification 2010

The American Chopper guys accept advised a NASA Tribute Bike themed about NASA’s Space Shuttle. The bike has been advised in such a way that alike the tiny capacity weren’t abandoned which is what makes this bike so cool. The gas catchbasin is shuttle shaped and the bankrupt pipes admonish you of the Space Shuttle Main Engines. The airbrush address active on the bike is aloof fantastic. You could alike acquisition the miniature-orbiting shuttle ’spinners’ on the wheels. If alone the celebrities in the American Chopper episodes were a little amiable, the bike would accept got a lot added publicity.

Yamaha Bison Modifications

It has been discussed among Indonesian riders that Yamaha will launch a new 150 CC sport bike in 2010. They mentioned that it will beat Honda Mega Pro, Thunder 125, and may also Bajaj Pulsar 180. Well,… you have your own opinion. Let see this Yamaha FZ150 which guess to be the original Bison type. Before it brig to Indonesia, it will be launched India market firts.

New Honda CB1000R (2010) Modifications

The Honda CB1000R 2010 added grabs assimilation of every beholder with the credible metal as beef to add to its accessory and its unstoppable power-packed accomplishment can woo bike enthusiasts. The rear bank rises and the rear tyre is huge with bank saddle pitting a little. These looks of the bike are added added with abridge and abridge addendum cowl and a forward-tilted armament tank. The bunched bikini cowl of the Honda CB1000R makes it accessory afire with its abutting to triangle-shaped multi-reflector headlight (I never had so abounding applause for the wolf-eyed headlight, but this one hit me with a monster accomplished like looks) and appropriate LED position lamp.

Yamaha FZ16 India Review

The Yamaha FZ16 has been a highly awaited bike And is a important bike for Yamaha. They thought reviewing the FZ16 is as important as reviewing a new Maruti automobile, so they did not delay in getting our hands on the Yamaha FZ16.

Suzuki V Strom 650 Spec and Price

2010 Suzuki V Strom 650 Spec And cost - Suzuki Motorcycles. Another 650cc Motorcycles from Suzuki, this is only have 2 cylinders And standard liquid cooled, And DOCH know-how. Estimate cost suzuki v-strom - Base MSRP(US) $7,499.00. you are able to see the Specification And cost below, hope you like it And don't forget if you have any experience And knowledge about "Suzuki V-Strom", you are able to share with us here.. thanks you

Honda RC212V New Model Motorcycleh

Honda RC212V New Model Motorcycleh

The Best Aprilia RSV4 2011

Pricing and availability have yet to be announced, though we expect it to be This special . Tricolour. livery as they call it is symbolic of the Italian flag and pays tribute to Max Biaggi and his recent world championship aboard the machine. Rounding out the changes is a slightly updated paint scheme, featuring the traditional Aprilia black/red but with an added green and white accent to the lower. A new 200/55-17 rear tire has been specially designed for the RSV4 APRC by fellow Italians Pirelli, featuring a dual compound design aimed to give riders a capable tire for both aggressive street and track use. Internal gear ratios are also, optimized for track use, likely meaning they are closer together and feature a taller first gear, though exact details have not yet been released, and produce slightly more power.

 In terms of changes to the machine’s actual hardware, the RSV4 SE keeps the same 65-degree V-Four powerplant as the previous Factory model, though it now features a new exhaust that is claimed to be lighter 2011 Aprilia RSV4 APRC SE A new exhaust system is both lighter and produces more power, while Aprilia and Pirelli have teamed up to develop a new dual-compound 200/55-17 rear tire designed specifically for the RSV4 APRC SE.  Because Aprilia realizes that this machine is designed for the track as much as it is the street, the instrument cluster features two totally different settings, Road and Race, allowing the rider to toggle between two optimal setups, one for each environment, with a simple push of a button.