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Transport equipment is very necessary both want any two-wheeled four-wheel since ancient till now. But different again with two-wheel vehicles this one is the Vespa motorcycle, who've known ever since until now he must first have a noisy fan. One of the Italian Piaggio products renowned for revolutionary ideas about the Vespa S50.

The Radical Fury Can This Really Be A Honda 2011

Optional Available in Dark Red Metallic and Black beginning in December 2010. Because when you’re aboard one of the coolest rides around, sometimes you just don’t want your ride to end. Check out those stylish hard leather bags that offer ample storage space and that big, traditional windscreen; we’re talking all-day riding comfort and convenience that will carry you through that long, long getaway.

Now available as an optional ABS model with Honda’s Combined Braking System, the 2011 Interstate expands its prowess as a prime choice for the open road. Honda Interstate: High Style For A Cross Country Ride Sure it’s fun to have a stylin’ ride, but it can be even better yet when high style merges with the ability to rack up big miles and that’s what the Interstate is all about. Optional ABS and CBS color and availability date TBD. Available in Dark Red Metallic, Pearl White and Matte Orange Metallic beginning in December 2010. Who would have ever thought it possible?

Yet despite the extreme lines and head turning looks, the Fury is backed up with the same fit and finish, functionality, affordability, quality and reliability built into every Honda. Here we have the rolling incarnation of the pure, undiluted chopper essence, a machine that simply looks right, sounds right and goes straight to the heart of the radical in all of us. Yet it’s all Honda, through and through. Indeed, the Fury appears to be something from the farthest fringes of the two wheeled world. We understand perfectly if you think your eyeballs are lying to you.

2011 Honda Fury, Interstate & Big Red First Look

Our selection of models for 2011 keeps growing and there will be more to follow. Here we have a variety of very popular cruisers and customs, a pair of Honda off road machines that have remained extremely popular with riders over the years, plus a revamped and very impressive Big Red MUV. The 2011 model year lineup continues to expand for Honda,said Powersports Press Manager Bill Savino. A pair of popular off road motorcycles return, the CRF80F and CRF100F, along with the Big Red Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MUV). These Hondas include the Fury, Interstate, Shadow RS and Shadow Phantom with the Sabre and Stateline customs released at a later date.

American Honda Motor Company’s Powersports Division announced to its dealers today an additional release of street bikes and off-road models for the 2011 model year.

Honda Fury 2011

Paralleling the surge in industrial output, the demand for its commercial vehicles (CV) is so strong, analysts are forecasting sales to grow over 15% as truck freight rates get better and consumers as well as The positive results make a good conviction in the management's sales projection of 240,000 units for the 2011 fiscal year with the China market getting 25,000 units. Market analysts from Religare Research have forecasted that JLR's sales to average 19,400 units on a monthly basis. Year-to-date aggregate sales oh Jaguar Land Rover sales have reached 92,759 units, 46% year on year. Sales revenues in the US and other world markets were likewise in line with growth trends.

August posted a sales volume growth of 29% year on year as JLR sold 16,220 units. The growing demand for commercial vehicles has seen the increase in Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) sales that is sure to boost positive sentiment among investors. But come 2010, a more upbeat economy that is seeing the end of the global recession has translated into sales that have brought the new Jaguar Land Rover division of Tata Motors into the pink of health. Understandably, those months would not be seeing any encouraging sales for the two marques. Bought for around $2.3 Billion from cash-strapped Detroit automobile leader Ford Motors, those brands went into Tata's umbrella just as the fury of the global economic crisis was taking its peak.

It was only a year ago that Tata Motors must have felt they made the wrong investment decision acquiring the prestigious British marques Jaguar and Land Rover.


Benson Kymco MotorcycleBENSON MOTORCYCLE 150cc

Benson Black MotorcycleAGILITY CITY 150cc

Benson Kymco 150SIGHT BENSON KYMCO 150

We all know a company that is engaged in the transportation of motorcycles, kymco is not so well known or had a name in our country. But Kymco start reaching various cities in Indonesia. Benson-scooter scooter, therefore all would rather get a lot of articles on Benson



Kawasaki EDGE 100ccKAWASAKI Edge 100cc

KAWASAKI motorcycle company to experiment with the best antagonists in indonesia.Saat motorcycle is being re-launched alternative Motor Sport Kawasaki Kawasaki avoid new EDGE.

Kobra Electric Review,bike, Product Design, Image,Price,Product Development

Kobra Electric Review,bike, Product Design, Image,Price,Product Development

Electric motorcycles are known for their lack of appeal when it comes to styling, but one Italian designer has managed to show us different when he came up with the Kobra project. The all-electric motorcycle concept by Cristiano Giuggioli is not only a good looking zero-emission motorbike, but is also able to satisfy every rider’s needs.

As Cristiano Giuggioli say’s “All the ecological “plus” of the electric vehicles are combined with the most advanced robotic technologies in the actuation field. In this way Kobra is able to adapt the settings and commands to the rider’s height and weight.” Kobra carry’s ESA II electronic suspension, lithium batteries and Lynch motors, and also grab with K.E.R.S. system which allow the function to regenerative braking system that recharges the onboard battery whenever the brakes are applied.

This means the Kobra electric motorcycle is capable of adapting to city, touring and sport commuting, providing smooth rides on both highways and inner-city roads. Featuring an ergonomic form, the sporty motorcycle adapts according to the height and weight of the rider.

The idea is pretty simple: powered by an electric engine, the Kobra is a motorcycle that aims to reduce emissions. The bike has ESA II electronic suspension, lithium batteries and Lynch motors.

The zero-emission electric engine of the motorcycle is combined with advanced robotic technology in the actuation field that changes the rider’s setting to make them more ergonomical. Moreover, the Kobra features regenerative braking system that recharges the onboard battery whenever the brakes are applied.

Product Details
Voltage: 12V
Motor Wattage: 1000W
Power Rating: 1385 lbs (630 kg)
Finish: Anodized
Standard Equipment: Watertight Control Box, (2)Footswitches, Chainwheel & Manual Override w/Handle
Working Load: 220 lbs (100 kg)
Amperes @ No Load: 60
Amperes @ Working Load: 115
Retrieval Speed @ No Load: 105 ft/min (32 m/min)
Retrieval Speed @ Working Load: 59 ft/min (18 m/min)
Chain Sizes: 1/4HT, 5/16ALL, 3/8ALL
Rope Sizes: N/A
Weight: 41.000 lbs.

new motorsport modification

new motorsport modification
new motorsport modification
new motorsport modification

What I Wore to Stay Warm

I may have mentioned this already, but it was cold here last week. Not enough snow on Thursday to close our hilly campus, but enough that the non-closure evoked numerous protest, especially since the school district closed all schools. My classes ran, a morning one and an afternoon, at less than 50% attendance. I skipped my Pilates class which is on the outskirts of town, along a road that's very low on the snow-clearing list.

But typical of our West Coast weather, the heavy snow turned to heavy rain late Thursday afternoon, and by Friday morning, the ground was snow-free and very soggy. Temperatures have shifted from below freezing up to around 8 Celsius, and they'll probably stay there for another week or so.
Grey, gloomy, cold, snowy, wet, chilly: all these conditions require winter coats that one enjoys wearing. Last week, I got out my thrifted sheepskin jacket one day and took comfort from its snuggly warmth. I was also very pleased that I had bought this all-cashmere classic several years ago, in the post-Christmas sale at Banana Republic (their Heritage line).

I should have popped my red leather gloves on to complete the picture, I guess. I'm very happy with the purple beret-red scarf-red-gloves combo, although I do have a red beret (and a black, and a grey-- most versatile hats ever!) as well. I'm not too keen on the over-matched look.

I've been wearing this coat for three years now, and I can't imagine why I wouldn't still want to wear it ten or fifteen years from now. An old friend to keep me warm through the dark winter days.

What about you? What garments are keeping you warm these days? Or do you live in one of those delightful spots where winter coats are not required?
Coat: Banana Republic Heritage Collection
Beret: Holt Renfrew
Alpaca Laceknit Scarf: my own handknit