Thursday, November 18, 2010

Honda Reveals Second Teaser Sketch of 2011 VFR 800

There is speculation that Honda will use an 800 cc engine rather than the more powerful 1,200cc engine that is in the VFR1200F, hence the concept of the VFR 800. With respect to design, the new motorcycle is expected to draw inspiration from the VFR1200F, Fireblade and the upcoming CBR250R model.  Honda has revealed a second teaser sketch of the 2011 Honda VFR 800 adventure sportsbike. 7, 2010. 2 to Nov. Expect a concept based on the VFR1200F in the Milan show, which will take place from Nov.

Further details such as specification and prices of the VFR 800 (as expected with the 800 cc engine) will be unveiled at the EICMA Milan Auto Show that will commence this week. With the low centre of gravity of a performance bike it is great fun to ride, and because of its wide handlebars and upright riding position it is both easy to maneuver and comfortable. Honda is focusing on the touring and pillion comforts in the 2011 VFR 800 motorcycle rather than off-road abilities. It will have the flexibility and exciting attitude of a naked performance machine, with the more comfortable upright riding position and design cues inspired by adventure bikes. Honda VFR800 concept photo According to Honda. The new adventure sportsbike is an exciting new approach, a crossover machine that represents the best aspects of two separate biking genres. There are also expectations that Honda will use 17-inch alloy road bike wheels, VFR-inspired fairing design and a combined rider and pillion seat.

2011 Honda VFR 800 Adventure Tourer Sketch Two

Honda has released two teaser images as of now and Honda VFR 800X Adventure Tourer will be sporting efficient features like V4 engine configuration, liquid cooled engine, subtle use of designer looks, aero dynamics , 800cc power plant and many more. Speaking of the teaser image, one can only wait to see more of the bike at coming Milan bike expo. Honda has made VFR 800X Adventure Tourer keeping in mind both the aspects of adventure biking (enhanced performance) and comfortable riding.

As far as the image goes, VFR has got good innovative floating instrument cluster that will be within biker’s reach to ensure safe riding. On examining the image closely that reveals sharp edges on the headlight one can ensure the aero dynamics applied. According to the image, the bike has a good designer headlight that will ensure stability and enhance aerodynamics. The second unveiled image of the bike looks great. Honda plans to unveil VFR 800X Adventure tourer along with seven other models at the Milan Bike Expo in couple of weeks from now.

Through the image one can know what exactly the bikes front headlight looks like. The first sketch was unveiled few days ago and now the second look features a close draw of the headlight. Few Days back Honda unveiled the first look of the bike and now the second teaser in the form of a designer sketch looks refreshing. Recently, Honda revealed second design sketch of all new Honda VFR Adventure Tourer.  Honda is definitely rushing to become the world leader in biking technology.

The VFR800 - The ultimate Sports Tourer 2011

Original in every detail, and destined to turn heads wherever it goes, the Honda VFR800 Vtec form fuses the most advanced aerodynamic design with an exhilarating sense of modern style, sweeping back from nose to tail in an unmistakable representation of speed.

With the ability to ride distances in comfort while still delivering exhilarating supersports performance at the twist of the throttle is where the Honda VFR800 Vtec gains respect.  The Honda VFR800 Vtec is a sports tourer with an extraordinary blend of sophistication, comfort, performance and practicality.

Garden Delights and Running News

Perhaps eight, maybe ten years ago, I commented to a colleague who also gardens that I really loved a small tree, just below our department's building, one that managed to be festooned with both white flowers and large red berries at the same time. "Oh, the strawberry tree!" she responded, pointing out that it was a relative of the Arbutus (which some of you know as the Madrona).
I soon found my own Arbutus uneda at our favourite nursery, brought it home and planted it (more likely, cajoled Pater into digging the big hole and planting it). And for the last four or five years, every fall about this time, the "strawberries" that give the tree its common name begin to ripen into their cheerful, bumpy selves, right alongside the flowers that will become next year's fruit.
I love this tree even more after finding it growing wild along the roadside in the Beiras in Portugal, so that it reminded me of home there, and of holiday sunshine back here in the November gloom.
I even love peering into the dark depths of its interior, as my camera lens did here, to reveal the bright fruit within.
And against a blue sky, the tri-colour play is spectacular!
As for my foot, if I can bore you for a minute, my Pilates instructor, who runs one or two marathons a year and whose advice I trust, recommended I try Tegaderm and see what a short run felt like before deciding about Sunday's half-marathon. Tegaderm is a sort of second-skin clear adhesive used on burns and bedsores, as well as other wounds. I picked some up at the drugstore Tuesday night, got Pater to apply it over the blister and surrounding red tissue, and ran quite comfortably for an hour yesterday morning. Admittedly, by last night, after a long day of teaching wearing my boots, my foot was quite tender for the first time since the blister formed, but this morning it's not too bad (although the dratted itching has begun!). So I'm crossing my fingers that I may be running the Fall Classic Half Marathon after all.


Pertama dalam sejarah produksi speda motor indonesia , Automatic light on pertama di terapkan pada varian bebek Suzuki indonesia. Yaitu pada Suzuki Smash Titan dan Satria FU 150.
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