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Cara Setel Klep suzuki Skydrive

bgr : 1

 gbr : 2

 gbr : 3

 gbr : 4
Karena masih tergolong skutik baru maka enggak ada salahnya bila kita pelajari item-item tune-up pada Suzuki Skydrive. Minimal buat pengetahuan si pemilik agar makin akrab dengan besutannya.
Mari kita pelajari cara setel klepnya. Dibantu oleh rekan-rekan dari Suzuki Training Center (STC) kita dipandu agar tahu item-item setel klep atau sukur-sukur bisa melakukannya sendiri.

Agar lebih mudah mari diurutkan dari yang paling pertama harus dilakukan. Untuk bisa mencapai area kepala silinder harus melepas jok, boks di bawah jok dan cover body yang menutupi kepala silinder.
“Setelah terbuka semua, dari atas posisi karburator, air filter dan head silinder langsung bisa terlihat,” 

Kalau sudah terlihat kepala silindernya, segera ambil kunci L untuk membuka dua baut penguncinya (gbr.1). Setelah terbuka bisa terlihat kan setelan klepnya? Lalu posisikan klep masuk dan buang pada kondisi bebas atau posisi piston pada Titik Mati Atas (TMA).

Cara paling mudah untuk mencapai kondisi ini adalah dengan memutar magnet yang terhubung pada van atau kipas di sebelah kanan mesin. Bila garis pada kipas telah sejajar (gbr.2) dengan tanda segitiga yang terletak di crankcase artinya piston sudah berada pada kondisi TOP atau posisi piston pada Titik Mati Atas (TMA).

Tapi saat piston sudah berada di posisi TMA belum tentu klep dalam keadaan bebas (akhir kompresi). Bila piston berada di TMA pada akhir langkah buang maka kedua klep justru membuka atau tertekan rocker arm. Tapi saat piston berada di TMA pada akhir kompresi, kedua klep akan berada pada keadaan bebas.

“Saat kondisi bebas cirinya kedua rocker arm masih bisa digoyangkan. Atau bisa dilihat dari posisi dekompresi yang berada di atas (gbr.3),” 
Kalau sudah ketemu posisi klep bebasnya, maka sudah bisa langsung setel klep. Khusus yang ini sama dengan setel klep pada umumnya.

Pertama kendurkan mur pengikat pada baut stelan klep. Lalu letakkan fuller gauge (bilah pengukur) sesuai ukuran celah klep ke dalam ujung batang klep.
“Untuk klep isap toleransinya 0,04 mm sampai 0,07 mm, kita ambil tengahnya jadi 0,05 mm. Sedang klep buang toleransinya 0,09 mm sampai 0,13 mm, kita ambil 0,10 mm,”
“Kalau sudah putar baut stelan klep sampai terasa apabila fuller gauge di tarik terasa seret dan apabila didorong tidak bisa. Jangan sampai longgar bisa maju mundur dan terkunci sama sekali tidak bisa gerak (gbr.4),” . Dan terakhir keraskan lagi mur stelan klep.
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Kawasaki KLX 110L The Best 2011

The 125cc four stroke machine provides plenty of power, yet it is still extremely high quality, making is an awesome machine to start mini biking on! The Kawasaki KLX 110L 2011 uses a similar motor to most other bikes out there. The BBR Super Pro is the best bike on the market, but will set you back around $6,000, slightly more expensive than $700!

The bikes have been designed and developed using a range of features from the Honda CRF 50, Kawasaki KLX 110 and the BBR Super Pro. KLX 110 have worked closely with their research and development team to ensure that their bikes are nothing but high quality. Next we'll talk about the quality of the machines. If you have any idea about the cost of the smaller machines then you'll know that this kind of price for a brand new bike is next to nothing.

Most retailers sell the Kawasaki KLX 110L 2011 at around $700-800, although is can be slightly cheaper. Let's start with the price; this bike is one of the cheapest on the market. Hopefully this will help you make a conscious decision as to what bike is the rightKLX 110 for you! This article will explain why this bike rivals the likes of the Kawasaki KLX 110 and Honda CRF 50 for quality, yet is so much cheaper.

Mini biking is getting more and more popular by the day, so it is no wonder you have stumbled upon the Kawasaki KLX 110L 2011.

Kawasaki KLX 110L 2011

They are extremely high quality yet they don't demand too high a So it goes without saying that all of their mini bikes are also up to standard. There is no doubt that the likes of Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha and Kawasaki all produce some of the best motorcycles on the market. Exceptional quality reasonable price!

Staying with established manufacturers such as Kawasaki and Honda is essential! People are attracted by the cheap prices, only to be disappointed when the bike turns out to have poor handling, and fall apart over every bump it comes into contact with. Companies that are not established and do not have the necessary tooling required to make quality products, seem to think they can. For some reason there seem to be a huge amount of cheap copies in circulation.

Quality is king! This article will help you understand why the KLX is one of the best mini bikes on the market, and why you should look at purchasing! Great! Do you just want to know which the best bike to start on is, but will last a long time? Have you searched throughout the internet and you are becoming confused by the amount of different bikes available?

Did you think about purchasing a Honda CRF50 but have now realized that it does not have the power output that you require? Have you looked at as many mini bikes as possible and think that the Kawasaki KLX110 is the right one for you?  Are you looking to get into the mini bike scene?

Top Kawasaki ZX-10R 2011

The current ZX-10R is the lowest revving literbike (aside from the Aprilia RSV4), so Speaking of the S1000RR, that’s the stunning new target Kawasaki has to aim for in this revitalized market segment. The new Ninja will have comprehensive instrumentation, including the ability to switch between street and track displays. A performance-based anti-lock braking system will be optional, but a BMW-like quick-shifter won’t be part of the package.

We’re told to expect a TC system that is better than the BMW package on the S1000RR, able to be toggled through more customizable settings. Perhaps the headlining news is that Kawi’s lawyers have allowed engineers to develop what might turn out to be a class-leading electronic rider-aid package, including multi-adjustable traction control. This design concept sketch shows the general styling theme of the 2011 ZX-10R, but the race version (based upon the production bike) seen at Suzuka deviates significantly from the sketch, especially the shape and design of the side fairing panels. Rumors suggest a production version of the new 10R can lap Kawi’s Autopolis test track seconds quicker than the 2010 model. It’s a total ground-up redesign.

And yet, despite the apparent lack of visible innovation, we’re told to expect a seriously competitive liter sized sportbike. Instead, we find an evolutionary literbike design of a traditional inline Four engine wrapped in a perimeter beam aluminum frame. Rumors of variable valve timing are also likely unfounded. The new 10R has neither a big bang firing order nor a horizontal placement of its cylinders, despite fanciful speculation in lesser publications.  First off, let’s dispel two wild rumors.