Monday, November 15, 2010

Minor Triumphs and Tribulations -- Must They Always Travel in Tandem?!

My intention was to post today about my lovely weekend visit with Daughter #3 and our visit to the spa. Instead, I spent the day writing a conference paper proposal. I'd decided earlier that I needed to let that project go, choosing sanity and rest over hours rushing to meet today's deadline. But I woke up this morning with some good energy and realized I wanted to pull some ideas together, that a day of working hard would feel creatively productive rather than stressful. And so it was. I had a lovely walk and long chat over tea with a very good friend. And I wrote and wrote and thought and wrote some more. What I ended up with was not the proposal I would have written if I had two more days, but I think it was enough to let the reviewers see my idea. If it's accepted, I'll be happy to write the paper and then go to Fredericton in May to present it. And if it's not, I've got the outline for an article I will go ahead and write anyway, perhaps on my research leave next term. So it's all good. I'll go to bed soon, tired but pleased.

Less happy news: In the weird steambath contraption at the spa on Saturday, I burnt my foot. Despite the assurances of the spa owner that it didn't look too bad, I knew the burn was second degree, and sure enough, I'm sporting an impressive blister on the top of my right foot, midway up the right side -- over an inch long, half an inch wide. Nasty. Surprisingly, it doesn't hurt much, but I suspect that once the blister pops, that will change. I'm packing Polysporin and gauze dressing with me tomorrow against that eventuality. . . My big concern is with the Half Marathon I've been looking forward to running this Sunday. I'm trying to coax myself to a place where I can let that go if it's obvious that it will interfere with healthy healing of the foot. Pain, I think I can handle, but a nasty and prolonged infection would not be worth the runner's high!

And just because I never feel right posting without photos, a gratuitous shot of the marvellous Callicarpa -- purple berries just seem so magical!

The New Kawasaki ER-6N 2011

The ER-6n uses softer springs and damping settings than its Neither camp will be particularly inaccurate, but to each their own. While some may find it edgy and aggressive, others will find its appearance curiously akin to an arachnid. Opinions of the ER-6n’s fairing free mug will likely find themselves divided into two columns aptly named, love it and hate it.

With all of the apparent similarities between these two siblings however, the biggest dissimilarity between the two is in the body work, or lack thereof in the case of the ER-6n. The Twin motor changed slightly for ’09 as well, with revised ECU mapping and the addition of a larger airbox that are naturally passed on to the 2011 model. The similarities don’t stop there, as both bikes also use the same 649cc parallel twin powerplant. The ER-6n (n for naked) shares the same steel trellis frame, offset lay down rear single shock with adjustable pre load, and tubular steel swingarm as the 650R, which was designed to This revised balance over previous 650Rs allows a degree of flexibility for improved handling, and is almost as light as a comparable aluminum alloy frame.

This bike has a maximum power 8500rpm and maximum 71.07hp torque of 66nm 6700rpm. liters capacity tank is 15:50. This box comes with Kawasaki’s regular six speed gear. 2011 Kawasaki ER-6n will of come in a variety of Different colors like Black, red, blue, white and many mores. Its Should weight be 173 Kg. That kind of naked bikes.  This motorcycle comes with a 649cc engine.

Kawasaki ER-6N CKD Naked Bike Price Expected To Launch 2011

You can see details about the specifications and features available on the 2011 Kawasaki ER-6n below. Sisitem injection combustion energy released to be smooth and the maximum, a slim chassis and aerodynamic system which has been in the wind tunnel test in order to know the capabilities of both the wind chop when cornering or when the maximum speed in a straight path that requires stability. That’s because Kawasaki ER-6n is made and designed with care and added a sophisticated technology that will give comfort and satisfaction for the ride.

All riders and a lot of people who saw said that Kawasaki ER-6n is a vehicle that big and strong with a powerful engine, fast on the track without fear of obstacles in front.

Kawasaki ER-6N 2011

Although the ER-6n's triple petal brakes aren't as flimsy or overly cutaway as some, you still The riding position is refreshingly upright although a bit of a pullback would help shorter riders, and overall the ergonomics are 90% spot on. For about the same money as the KLX250S enduro, you can buy the sweetest liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, DOHC 8-valve 649cc parallel twin engine in history powering a trellis frame, swingarm, chassis, and offset laydown rear shock suspension with 4.9 inches of travel lifted from the Ninja 650R, all in a light, responsive, exhilarating 441 pound package. At the mid six thousands MSRP (could that -6n refer to the price?) the ER-6n may just represent one of the best values on a Japanese street bike in the 2011 model year. Although the styling is questionable at best and the headlight which is a spray painted black leftover Viper pilot helmet from the original Galactica should be knocked off the bike with a baseball bat before wheeling it out of the showroom, you can't help but love the ER-6n for its thoroughly astounding performance and phenomenal value for the dollar.

The ER-6n is a 650cc naked bike that shows the rest of the class how to do it right. However, that really is the only minor quibble that can be had with this otherwise sterling machine. What happened, Kawi, were all the good names taken? Huh?

You go to the Emergency Room when you're 6-teen on it? What does the ER-6n moniker refer to anyway?  The 2011 Kawasaki ER-6n has a really unfortunate name.