Saturday, November 13, 2010

What I Wore. . . and a Minor Marital Spat

I was just a bit pissed off with Pater Friday morning, and he was amused enough about it to piss me off just a bit more and good-natured enough about it to snap the weekly What I Wore shots. The expression in the photo above shows it; the one below shows that I can muster a phoney smile.

What was I annoyed about, you ask? Well, I caught him googling pie crust recipes (I know! I've just reread this, proof-reading, and it's pretty hilarious!). Since retirement, besides supervising our roof-and-skylight reno, catching up on years of undone yardwork, and doing some consulting work, he's begun baking bread, quite successfully. He's long been a master of the paella, a whiz with the curries, a dab hand at homemade pasta with brilliant accompanying sauces, but the baking was my territory, and I'll admit to struggling with the whole bread thing. I made four loaves a week for years when I was home with the kids, but it's been at least a decade since I've found the time. I reluctantly admitted that I was being a pig in the manger, and ceded the yeast and the oven.

You already know that I have no complaints about his recent, new experimenting with desserts -- no possessiveness when it comes to crème brulée. Bring it on, I say.

But I have my own little claim to fame in the kitchen: I am magic with the pie crust -- whether I use the Crisco recipe or work with lard (which tastes better, let's face it!), my pastry is almost invariably flaky. Of course, the secret is pretty simple -- just don't work it too much. Move quickly and confidently with the shaping and the rolling. And I always roll the crust between two sheets of wax paper so I don't worry about over-flouring the counter or having much clean-up, a trick I learned second-hand, from the guy who cooked at a camp with Pater our first or second summer together.

It`s this trick that Pater claimed he was googling over; apparently, he was simply checking whether what he called my `secret methodology` was widely known and disseminated. He protested vehemently that he would never, ever try to take over the pastry-making.
So yes, that smile above? A little bit forced. The expression below more honestly shows my skepticism. But you can also see that I'm ever-so-slightly mollified by someone's assurance that my pie crust is the best ever. . . I might be petty, yes. But I'm hiding the rolling pin . . . and maybe the pastry blender as well!
As for the outfit:
Cashmere leopard-print v-neck, Winners, two years+
Grey wool box-pleated skirt, Gap, two or three years old, love it!
Fluevog boots (Truth Britney), bought this fall but rapidly becoming old classics in my wardrobe.