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modif drag mio for contest show

Motorcycle Drag Racing has been a affection for both of us for abounding years and we accept accustomed all of ourselves to this sport, 2010 Yamaha Jupiter Z Vice President of AMA Dragbike. "We knew this year would be actual difficult accustomed the bread-and-butter conditions, but we never advancing it would go decline so quickly. Scott Valetti and I accept a boxy alley advanced of us to abutting the business, and we achievement to accept the abutment of the association during this difficult time.

modif drag mio for contest show

modif drag mio for contest show
2010 modif drag mio for contest show

Chopper Harley Davidson modify

Chopper Harley Davidson modify
featured on the awning of V-Twin Magazine (May 2008 issue). A 120 cubic inch Accurate Engineering Outlaw Pan Head, bifold SS carbs. Baker 6 acceleration trans, Thunderstruck belt drive. Thunderstruck/Ego Trip Wheels. All area metal & accessories assignment by Mark Daley. Paint by Mad Gini.
Chopper Harley Davidson modifyChopper Harley Davidson modify
silver yellow paint airbrush. make cool the chooper

MODIFIKASI Mille 3 | Supermoto Anyar Besutan Husqvarna

MODIFIKASI Mille 3 | Supermoto Anyar Besutan Husqvarna
Fame with the model of motocross, Husqvarna also interested to play in the segment supermoto. Through BMW Mille 3 subsidiaries are COBE show results.

Mille 3 seconded engine with 933 cc three-cylinder cooling system design that is unusual. Husqvarna put a cooling system on the two-cylinder, while another one was placed on the vertical cylinder.

However autoevolution on Friday (11/12/2010) launch, the German manufacturer is still inspired motocross design on Mille 3. But his rim and brake had been applied supermoto style, so did the use of jumbo-sized tires.

You could say this is a pretty strange business activity that is reminiscent of the giant Japanese company, Mitsubishi, which has many branches of business. Start of electronic equipment and electrical, chemical industry, automotive, aircraft, even if not many people know the brand Nikon camera is one of them.

Currently all business activities Husqvarna run separately. While the motorcycle manufacturer based in Italy itself is now owned by BMW since three years ago.

A strange path, but certainly no Stranger Than Their latest unveiling: the Mille three concept bikes. Unveiled at the EICMA motorcycle show in Milan, the Mille 3 straddles the division Between cruiser and sport bike about as widely as the rider Would its low-slung seat. The handlebars are taken from an off-road bike, while the foot Pegs sit far back like those on a sport bike.

Power is provided by a 933cc fuel-injected three-cylinder engine, but it's the design That sets it apart. Husqvarna says it indicates they're "always ahead of the game", but exactly what the game That Might be is a mystery to us.

holder capable of turning the eye and tease the audience. How could I not. Dragbike style blend design, supermoto and trial (read; trayel). The three characters are painted from motorcycle low ground clearance (due to a long wheelbase) and this is typical of dragbike. Then a model supermoto reflect sepatbor front, while rear seat design is so strong following the style of the trial.

This time Husqvarna ready to display their latest creations in the form of concept motorcycle that will be displayed at the EICMA motorcycle exhibition in Milan, Italy. Creative, named Mille 3 this concept is a 'crossover' in-class bike that is a combination of cruiser and sport bike models.

Low seat position like chopper, tank hardly looks like a trail bike, while the steering handlebars taken over from off-road motorcycle, with the footrests back as far back like a sport bike.

The chassis is made of steel with a central design tubone. For the hind legs are made of aluminum material.

The distance between two wheels on the bike this concept far enough, and saddle also has a fairly low altitude. However, the sophisticated braking system, adjustable suspension, dual exhaust system and a powerful, makes Mille Husqvarna 3 withdrawal like a true sport bike. The position of the footrests are in place slightly to the rear, and handlebar-like off-road motorcycle handlebar make rider posture looks energetic and aggressive.

Aura motocross seat still exist thanks to the use of extra thin, high performance brake system, adjustable suspension, twin exhaust, handlebars and footrests and similar off-road motorcycles.

Husqvarna claims Mille 3 is a combination of emotion, curiosity, anti compromises are made in one bentuk.Namun do not expect Mille 3 will soon exist in showrooms Husqvarna, because European manufacturers were not intending to produce it.

Kawasaki Ninja ZX 6R 2011

The engine’s dual cams, 16 valves, 13.3:1 compression and 38mm And there’s more than peaky top-end power, too. Squeezing big power from small displacement has been a Kawasaki forte for many years, from the 350cc A7 Avenger to the 500cc H1, and from that first Ninja 600 to this latest ZX-6R, class leading power is a Kawasaki sportbike birthright. It all starts with the ZX-6R’s jewel like engine, a 599cc assemblage of everything Kawasaki knows about powerplant building, and the result of untold hours of testing and refinement garnered from dyno room to racetrack and back again.

It’s a perfect combination for street riders, track day junkies and racers alike, a flexibility that helps explain its many 600 comparo victories. Critics everywhere agree the ZX-6R runs and performs like a larger displacement motorcycle, and one that packs a rolling chassis that out handles and out suspends all others. That DNA begins with a 16-valve, DOHC inline four engine that’s everything a top shelf middleweight powerplant should be: supremely powerful, smooth, and blessed with hammer like reliability. It was an absolutely dominating 600 shootout performance and one sure to be replicated in 2011 due to the ZX-6R’s track honed DNA and seamless all around capability. Then ask the many top level magazines and web sites that picked the current spec ZX-6R as Best Middleweight.

Don’t believe us? And in today’s ultra-competitive 600 supersport market, where technology, racetrack success and streetbike acumen can change dramatically year by year, that’s saying a lot.  The 2011 ZX™-6R carries that tradition of middleweight dominance to a staggering level (one that would’ve blown minds in 1985).

2010 cross style yamaha scorpio modify

cross style yamaha scorpio modifyNew Yamaha Scorpio Modif Motor Cross style 2010

cross style yamaha scorpio modify picture.

* Tipe of the Yamaha Scorpio apparatus was 4 strook. * SOHC the air acknowledgment with the bore x the step: 70 x 58 mm. * the Volume of the Cylinder: 223 cm and the Compression Comparison: 9,5: 1 * the Cylinder Composition was Single Erect * the Kind and the System of Pengapiannya DC-CDI. * the clamp was Manual with Transmission teeth 5 speeds and the Pattern of the teeth Operation: 1-N-2-3-4-5. * Rem in advanced of him was the disc bifold the agent admitting the anchor abaft him tromol. * Dimensi: PxLxT: 2020 x 770 x 1090 mm. * Sistem Starter: Kick & Electric. * the Maximum Power: 19 of PS/8.000 RPM * Maximum Torsion: 1,86 of kgf.m/6.500 RPM. * his Capacity of the petrol tank: 12 - 14 litre. The Pertama generation: 12 litre. The Kedua generation: 13,5 litre. The Ketiga generation: 14 litre. * Berat chasis/the framework was 125 kg with the Bifold Cradle Type. * Jarak of the Roda Fuse was 1295 mm and the ambit to the acreage 165 mm.

Minimalist Modify of Honda Vario CBS 2010

Minimalist Modify of Honda Vario CBS 2010Minimalist Modify of Honda Vario CBS 2010 . Honda Vario Techno CBS did not abundant like his brother acute adapted Honda vario or BEAT. Understandably, the anew launched mid this year. Here, there are two Bambang coincidence, of altered agent accept been cutting their ducks accepted anatomy to be so affected and classy.
This Scooter honda vario CBS is from Lampung. Full anatomy chrome, minimalist and affected appearance of scooter matic. ready for a contest motor show.
tag : Air brush, Honda, Vario, Scooter Matic, Used motor, Extreme.

exteme modif Suzuki Skywave, monoshock Front-Rear

exteme modif Suzuki Skywave, monoshock Front-Rear

Modified Suzuki Skywave, with strong sockbreaker Distinct Front-Rear.

Motor With Distinct sokbreker abaft the absolute one. But if the advanced and distinct rear, actuality in Malang. Even if beheld from the right, bisected do not accept that Suzuki Skywave 125 cc Motor Platinum works that do not use sokbreker. Home modifications of this angel boondocks is subscribed to win the contest. What affectionate of application of their hands?

Virus lowrider appearance which has aggressive the aggregation afresh bedeviled Platinum Motor. To apprehend the trend, the arbor of patrolling skubek address the letter 'S' is extended. Way, abacus that breket or agent ascent wheelbase longer. Done? Not yet! Advanced caster damping arrangement is adapted into a single, followed abaft for a bunched archetypal with CVT. When beheld from the appropriate side, skubek a lot of absorption is achievable not to use suspension.

Bodi additionally a appealing touch. Some genitalia are added to some of the fiberglass kit. As the lights and wings. Includes bench awning is additionally from the kit that can calmly mangled. 2010 Suzuki Skywave 125 - Data Modification

Front tire: 120/70x14 Tire Deli

Ben rear: 140/70x14 Tire Deli

Front-rear rim: Honda Genio

Speedometer: zero

Front calipers: Nissin

Sok back: Variations

Oil-cooler: Variations

tag : Suzuki, Skywave, modif trend, Scooter Matic, Used motor.

Modif Yamaha Mio, Soul, Xeon Low Rider taste

Modif Yamaha Mio, Soul, Xeon Low Rider tastesample Modif Yamaha Mio picture
scootermatic is modified into cool low riders motorcycle, is trend in this year.
Modif Yamaha Mio, Soul, Xeon Lowsample Modif extreme Yamaha Mio Soul
Modif Yamaha Mio, Soul, Xeon Low Rider tasteairbrush extreme Modif Yamaha Xeon
Modif Yamaha Mio, Soul, Xeon Low Rider tasteModif Yamaha Mio Xeon
Modif Yamaha Mio, Soul, Xeon Low Rider tastepaint airbrush sample Modify Yamaha Mio Soul
tag : Scooter Matic, Yamaha,Mio, Used motor, Air brush for motor show contest.

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