Thursday, November 11, 2010

Satria Fu Sport

Satria Fu Sport

Modifikasi Croom Style Satria FU

Modifikasi Croom Style Satria FU

Suzuki Satria Modification
Suzuki Satria Drag Modification
Suzuki Satria Modification

Modifikasi Suzuki Satria FU full Striping custom

Suzuki Satria FU 150 cc modification custom color minimalist concept.

Modified Duck and Sport from Bali

Modification of Bali for the type of scooter, the results are equally ever known. Some are displayed in deserves thumbs up. Apparently on the island, the Destroy-remodel not only applies to motor scooter, but also on the duck and motor sport.

Yamaha Mio Batik

Yamaha Mio Berbaju BatikMotor modification contest, for Tommy was an everyday food. Not surprisingly, the boss Partners Motor Sport (MMS) Cimahi, West Java is quite famous because already actively competing since 2003. And he often displays the work of a unique and not a follower.

Including the Yamaha Mio 2007 in the selection of airbrush models. "Something new this time and we try to take the themes of love Indonesia," said Tommy identical dengnan theme games like this. Dihadirkannya batik motifs on the Yamaha in Bandung contest some time ago, is unique.

Yamaha Mio BatikI was so unique, when asked motif is from the area where, he even gelagapan. "No time to look for ideas of what Yogya Solo batik. An important, impression batik wrote," kekehnya. But overall, color selection lines that fit perfectly the same basic body color is white.

Including seats participate dimodif a single seater for a field that can be given the same motif. So, really Mio display the total concept of batik.

In addition to that tilled saddle, also the body. Steps starting with replacing the entire cover of the standard with Mio Soul. "Body Soul was enlarged with fiber," says Tommy. Way, connecting body dengnan standard plastic fiber. "So look more patents because there is no connection. It also seems clean," he continued.

Like the front cover, size it has become bigger but still looks proposional.Untuk rim, Tommy apply a custom model of the car. The reason, wants a maximum width of the palm, so that the front and rear width of 4 inches 5 inches in combination with standard rim. "Intentionally using the original bar Mio original characteristics so baseball left," said Tommy. (Nurfil)

Front tire: 120/70-14 FDR
Rear tire: 140/80-14 FDR
Front rim: Custom 4x14 inches
Rear rim: Custom 5x14 inches
Airs next: G @ zi
Sok back: TF
Headlamp: Mio Soul
Handlebars: Fatbar
Muffler: Custom

Honda Mega Pro 2003 Full Modification

Honda Mega Pro 2003 Full Modification

Front tire: 110/60-17 Duro
Rear tire: 190/50 x 17 Batlax
Front rim: Hand Made
Rear rim: Hand Made
Airs next: Custom
Sok back: YSS
Swing-arm: CBR400
Carburetor: RX-King
Fiber Amoba Planet: 0856-357-6002

Opera Knitting

Isn't this just the best picture? Wish I'd taken it, but I found it on Vancouver Opera's Facebook page. Members of the chorus knitting away backstage during Lillian Alling . . .

I haven't mentioned my knitting projects for a while now, but they've been multiplying. . .

I'm almost finished back and front on the v-neck I'm making for myself (a Vogue Early Fall 2010 pattern) -- sleeves are bracelet length so shouldn't take too long -- I'm hoping to finish this within the month. Lace patterns, of course, never look like much until they're blocked, but I can already tell that this bamboo, silk, merino combo makes a lovely fabric.
Besides the lacework requiring some attention, though, this is hardly a portable project, and I need something to work on while riding the ferry each day, so I've got some worsted socks on the go. Besides the ones in the photo below, I made a pair in the lighter colour, striped with the leftover darker blue -- my plan is to make a pair for each of my sons-in-and-out-of-law. They're worsted, so they knit up quickly, and they'll be toasty warm after a day skiing.

This next project is one I'm itching to get to -- and some would argue I'll itch once I do get to it, but mohair doesn't bother me that way. I was drawn to this pattern as soon as I saw it last winter, but resisted it as potentially too trendy. Until I saw a sample made up at Mad About Ewe, my local yarn store. It's going to be so wonderful to wear some gloomy winter day -- a swingy tunic-dress of floaty-light mohair to wear over a silk t-neck and some leggings. It should be a really quick knit, but I've made myself a deal that I can't start it until I'm on the final stretch of that v-neck pullover. (Would simply casting on be cheating? Perhaps a row or two, just to check out the colour and drape. . . ?)
Another store sample tripped me right over to the cash register with an extra pattern and two balls of the scrumptious Debbie Bliss Fez (85% Extrafine Merino; 15% Camel -- yummy!). Knitting sweaters in size 2 is a welcome treat -- very little delay to this gratification, and I'll get the added pleasure of seeing Nola wearing her birthday gift -- just have to get it finished by next weekend. Shouldn't be too hard considering I got to the armholes in two or three hours' knitting.

I've also got some very pretty Worsted for making socks as per Daughter #3's request -- she points out that nothing else keeps her feet warm enough when she's studying late at night.
And then I was trying to figure out where I'd stashed the mohair pictured above -- and surprised myself by opening a bag of yarn I remember buying late last winter, yarn for quick gifts -- cowls, hats, and the like.

So apparently I'm ready to join the Vancouver Opera choir. Oh, damn! they want a voice as well as knitting ability? Maybe not then . . . .


kopling suzuki smash :

perawatan kabel gas suzuki spin 125

Berikut ini perawatan kabel gas yang dapat dilakukan pada motor suzuki spin 125 atau motor suzuki skutik lainnya:

1. Sebelum menghidupkan motor, periksa kabel gas, apakah masih berfungsi dengan cara grip gas beberapa kali, klo motor anda adalah hasil
kredit motor atau kredit suzuki , sebaiknya bawa ke dealer aja
2. Apabila terdapat karat pada bagian dalam kabel dan terjadi kemacetan sehingga tidak dapat ditarik lagi, gantilah dengan kabel yang baru apabila motor anda adalah
kredit motor atau kredit suzuki , sebaiknya bawa ke dealer aja
3. Bersihkan dan oleskan gemuk jika kabel gas terasa sedikit yang baru, temuakn motor terbaik di
jual motor, jual suzuki atau  jual motor suzuki.
4. Kabel gas spin memiliki rute yang panjang, sehingga memerlukan pengecekan yang lebih sering.
Anda juga dapat mengikuti prosedur seperti yang terdapat pada gambar-gambar di bawah ini.
A. Poros kemudi
periksa kondisi kabel gas
motor  suzuki yang menuju grip gas. Pastikan kabel gas tidak terjepit, perbaiki dengan cara mengendurkan klem dan hindari dari kondisi tertekuk atau ada bagian yang terkelupas.
B. Rangka belakang
periksa kondisi kabel gas
motor  suzuki yang menuju karburator. Pastikan kabel gas tidak terjepit; perbaiki dengan cara mengendurkan klem dan hindari dari kondisi tertekuk atau ada bagian yang terkelupas, klo anda tidak mengerti ada baiknya cek di dealer motor, dealer suzuki dan dealer motor suzuki.
Bila rute kabel tidak sesuai, perbaiki rute seperti ilustrasi yang ditunjukkan.
C. Atur jarak main kabel gas 2,0 - 4,0 mm. Setel jarak main kabel gas dengan cara mengatur penyetel 2 dan mur pengunci 1, anda mencari motor coba deh lihat di
jual motor, jual suzuki atau  jual motor suzuki.
Untuk memudahkan dan mendapatkan hasil yang optimal pada motor anda, dianjurkan untuk melakukan perawatan berkala dengan membawa motor ke dealer motor, dealer suzuki dan dealer motor suzuki yang resmi.

Selamat mencoba!



Modifier of this one is the most good if you were told to dismantle the motor. Moreover, the smell of racing style modification. not be overlooked anymore reputation. And indeed the average arable home modifications modif Automodified Lent (LA), this was predictable, the edges are always synonymous with style racing

Even so, Adhi 'Siwe' Wicaksono Danukusuma secretly crave with spirits streetfighter motorcycle. Armed with V-Ixion publication in 2009 owned Yuong Kurniawan which incidentally is the brother-in-law itself, the idealist project was soon released.

"Motor streetfighter tend to have a frightening impression. And I want to make a figure V-Ixion who tend to look emaciated to be more manly. It can be seen through the debris at the foot-leg and upper body. I hope this bike will be more visible from above as well as muscular down, "supreme leader appointed the LA garage, this Probolinggo.

"Waste moge have qualities that far above the product variations. In addition, in view of waste moge also more prestigious," said builder who again hobby of photography about the components of choice for the legs.

GSX600 arm mounting headache enough. "To be fitted with a normal and safe, we modify the framework of the sector. How to add 'meat' at arm's house. So, the house arm in order width each 3 cm to the left and right," he explained

Siwe also dismantle all-out body sector. Starting from deltabox, the trick to create one from fiberglass. Dimensions of course adjust the width of the swing-arm.

Likewise with the tank design that also made a little wild. "Let me add a frightening impression that I want to highlight," point out the open garage builder in the area of Jl. Soekarno-Hatta No.. 93, Probolinggo.

A perfect combination!

Streetfighter-style bikes usually also synonymous with added head lamp design and a model that has frightening. "Initially my thoughts to apply a small head lamp projector nan concise. But, on the way, seemed less match. Less comfortable with this projector head lamp," added artificial Ninja 250R.

After hunting on the internet, Siwe decided to pinch-owned Suzuki Hayabusa head lamp. If installed once wrote, would result is less interesting. So Siwe necessarily make shell made from fiber. Proffered design lines deliberately tailored to the new look.

Have a cool design, the shell is also inserted a small lamp sein. This indicates that Siwe also consider the element of safety riding.


Front tire: 120/70-17 Michelin
Rear tire: 190/50-17 Michelin
Front rim: Yamaha R1 3.5 inches
Rear rim: 6.5-inch Yamaha R1
Airs next: Upside down Yamaha R1
Sok back: Suzuki GSX600
Head lamp: Hayabusa
Gear: Vortex
Muffler: Nobi