Tuesday, November 9, 2010

SPESIFIKASI New Dorsoduro1200 Supermoto dari Aprilia

SPESIFIKASI New Dorsoduro1200 Supermoto dari Aprilia

The Italian motorcycle manufacturer, Aprilia, Aprilia launches Dorsoduro supermoto newer generation of 1200. Variants was highest in the breed Dorsoduro is claimed as new reference in the maxi motard class.

As reported by autoevolution.com, Monday (8 / 11), Aprilia launched the new supermoto on the mat EICMA International Motorcycle Show 2010 which took place in Milan, Italy, November 2 to 7.

Sources in the manufacturer's call, Dorsoduro 1200 using the model framework as well as Ducati Trellis.

While Moto.it called Dorsoduro 1200 carrying the 1200 cc engine, the V-twin with four valves per cylinder, DOHC, electronic fuel injection and fitted. Engine cooling system using liquid oxygen.

Claimed that big machine capable of spraying power 130 horsepower at 8700 rpm and maximum torque of 115, two Newton meters (Nm) at 7200 rpm. Engine throttle control system uses a system of drive-by-wire, a result bursts of air and fuel into the combustion chamber more perfect place

Especially as a cigarette lighter burning, motor that uses dual spark plugs. So that power is more powerful produced.Power generated at the wheels through a transmission channel into six levels of acceleration.

Braking system uses brake discs Brembo radial calliper model dual wheels front and single disc rear wheel. However, Aprilia offers devices Antilock Brake System (ABS) with Aprilia plus Traction Control (ATC).

Interestingly, ATC device that offers three levels of traction control which is adjusted with the motor dynamics and desires of the rider.

Another advantage offered three choices Dorsoduro 1200 is driving style. All three are sports, touring, and rain.Sport can be selected when the motorcycle rider wants extreme driving style with great energy. While touring to choose if they want a more relaxed driving style for touring.

The rain can be selected when the driver crossed the wet road or in the rain but still want the motor power being at the top or the range of 100 horsepower.

Some updates done to the body. Starting from the matching paint on the tail fairing, frame two colors, and dual exhaust head with a black cover. Also the addition of new features ranging from using a caliper Brembo braking system, hydraulic clutch, Ride by Wire with three characters drive (rain, touring and sport) and Matrix indicator panel with computerized systems.

In addition, Aprilia has also added an additional feature options (optional) ABS braking system and Aprilia Traction Control (ATC) in order to increase security. When functioning, ATC provides three traction settings as desired choice riders.

The following Technical Specifications Aprilia Dorsoduro 1200:
* The new engine double cylinder with a slope of 90 °, four valves per cylinder, DOHC, liquid-cooled two spark plugs and ignition system
* Three choices drive from Ride by Wire technology (Sport, Touring and Rain)
* Electronic fuel injection (EFI);
* Mixed gear / chain valve timing system;
* System settings exhaust with catalytic converter and oxygen sensor;
* Ranga modular style with super light weight steel materials make optimal stiffness
* Handle Aluminum seat;
* Aluminum swing arm with shock-style lateral;
* Front fork with 43 mm upside shock that can be arranged and design piggy-back monoshock at the rear;
* Racing braking system from Brembo with radial caliper.

Happy Nana

Saturday, 5-ish, I'm on the couch in the condo, reading, and I look up across the room to the doorway, just opened by Pater to my SIL and my daughter, holding Nola in her arms. Little girl looks across the room to me, with a big grin on her face, calls out Nana; her mom, also grinning, puts her down and she runs over to climb up and give me a huge hug. I'd say Best. Feeling. Ever. except it gets even better when her mom comes over to join us and we have a splendid moment hugging even more, the three of us. Nana and daughter, reconciled after five or six weeks' tension and unhappiness, Little Girl oblivious to all that, but happy to hug the folks she loves.

A bit later, sitting around with a glass of wine, Daughter and SIL are getting Nola to show Nana and Pater some of her latest delights, and we listen to her sing birthday songs and twinkling stars (likeadiminindasky -- yes, it is all one word, why do you ask?) and lions sleeping in the jungle tonight (she throws her head back theatrically and sings toniiiiiiiight, sometimes spontaneously, one word only). When Nana does the best lion roar ever, very protracted, carefully just below tooo loud, Nola looks carefully around at all of us and proclaims quite solemnly, "I like it, Nana." But when I ask her if she'd like me to roar again, she hurriedly and emphatically asserts, "No!"

Sentences make all the difference. Words are delightful, but sentences. . . . "I did it, Nana!" . . . "I see the big ball, Ganddad" . . . I like doughnuts, Ganddad. I like more doughnuts, Nana. . . . They're still rudimentary, these sentences, but the potential is there . . . exponential potential, really . . . language will gallop into being over the next weeks and months and we'll share ideas and experiences and emotions. . . .

I marvel at how well this little girl goes to sleep -- her parents did the most spectacular job of sleep-training, and since about six or maybe eight months old, after the usual bedtime routine (teeth-brushing, zipping into sleepsack, story-reading and cuddle), she happily lies down clutching her little stuffed friend, Maaa, and she's generally asleep within minutes, although sometimes we can hear her happily chatting away for fifteen or twenty minutes before the sounds fade away. And she always wakes up in a good mood, ready to see what the day will bring.

At the beach for a walk, she pulls herself up onto logs so that she can walk along them, balancing. She's surprisingly adept, although Nana hovers nearby, a bit concerned about the slipperiness of those surfaces. At the end of each log, some of them lifting her two feet off the ground, she calls out, "Big Jump, Nana" -- and gets me to hold her hands so that she can spring down to the sand below. Adventure is everywhere when you're not quite two years old.

I took a few photos this weekend, but they weren't nearly as fun as this sighting of a very young Frida Kahlo taken by Nola's parents at a recent Halloween event. The unibrow on my granddaughter cracks me up. And clearly, Little Girl is also very amused!