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SPESIFIKASI Bajaj Pulsar 220 Masuk Awal 2011

SPESIFIKASI Bajaj Pulsar 220 Masuk Awal 2011
PT Bajaj Auto Indonesia (BAI), nevertheless displays the type of sport bike Pulsar 220 in JMS 2010 and its launch will be conducted early next year. Vaibhav Gupta, Deputy General Manager Marketing BAI said that, until recently the company continues to prepare the unit before being released into the market.

Bajaj Pulsar 220 cc line-up one of the leading products that Bajaj is a brand new product, from India. This launch will complement previous products like the Pulsar Bajaj Pulsar 200 cc, 125 cc XCD and Pulsar 180 cc.before  Lim had said that of the count while the part of the BAI, Bajaj Pulsar 220 will be priced above the price of Honda Tiger 200 cc, but he has not been thoroughly and not final. "The price is not going under the Honda Tiger (USD 24 million)," he said.
He also denied that
plan CKD assembly plant next year related to the planned launch of Pulsar 220 cc.

"We have got permission from the Ministry of Industry and Transportation. Pulsar 220 will be launched in January (2011) future," says Gupta to, yesterday.

On price, BAI did not want to open your mouth. With a larger engine capacity, there is the possibility of price slightly above the Pulsar 180. Meanwhile, during January-October 2010 BAI admitted to dump as many as 11 000 units. This amount, obviously Gupta, experienced spike nearly doubled from achievement same period last year.

"Last month (October), we sold 2,000 units, 2,000 units before that too. We continue to optimistic with the sale. One of the main focus is to provide excellent after-sales service guarantees," said Gupta.

Name: New Pulsar 220 F
Type: Commuter
Top Speed: 144kph
Fuel Consumption:
City 30.00
Fuel Consumption:
Highway 41.00
FOR Reasonably Priced
Claimed top speed of 144 kmph

Displacement: 220cc
Engine: Single Cylinder, 4 Stroke
Maximum Power: 21 Bhp @ 8500 rpm
Maximum Torque: 19.12 Nm @ 7000 rpm
Gears: 5 Speed
Clutch: Wet multiplate Type
Bore: 67
Stroke: 62.4
No. of Cylinders: 1
Cylinder Configuration: NA
Valve Per Cylinder: 2
Engine Block Material: NA
Chassis Type: Double Cradle Down Tube
Cooling Type: Air Cooling

Chassis:Type: Double Downtube frameFront suspension: 37 mm inner diameter of 130mm telescopic forks.Rear suspension: Hydraulic, Gas-filled.Front brakes: 260 mm disc brakes.Rear brakes: 230 mm disc brakes.Front tire: tubeless 90/90X17Rear tire: tubeless 120/80X17 
Electricals:Battery: 12 V 9 Ah, maintenance free.Instrumentation: Digital speedometer, analog tachometer, digital fuel gauge,Tell-tale lights.

Length: 2035.00 mm
Width: 750.00 mm
Height: 1165.00 mm

Weight: 150.00 kg
Ground Clearance: 165.00 mm
Fuel Tank: 15.00 ltrs
Wheelbase: 1350.00 mm
Turn Circle: 2.73 mtrs
Electrical System: DC
Headlamp: 55W, Ellipsoidal
Horn: DC, 2
Wheel Type: 6 Spoke Black Mag Alloys
Wheel Size: 90/90-17 "tubeless, 120/80-17" tubeless mm
Colors: Black, Blue, Grey & Red

Suspension (Front): Telescopic 130mm Stroke
Suspension (Rear): Nitrox, with 90mm travel
Brakes: 260mm Disc, Twin calipers
Brakes (Rear): 230mm Disc, Single Caliper

Honda CBR 1000 RR 2011

A Honda Electronic Steering The Honda CBR also uses an innovative Pro Link rear suspension. In the chassis department, Honda’s CBR1000RR superbike benefits from a unique frame casting process as used on the Honda CBR6000RR, which minimizes the individual number of pieces that make up its frame. Other innovations on the CBR1000 include Honda’s proprietary Ignition Interrupt Control System and unique cam assist slipper clutch system.

Powering the motorcycle is a compact 999cc liquid  cooled Inline Four that utilizes such technologies as Dual Stage Fuel Injection (DSFI) and a low slung MotoGP style exhaust system. In its current iteration, the Honda CBR has slimmed down significantly and now benefits from numerous technical innovations derived from the Honda’s participation in the MotoGP world championship with the Honda RCV211 MotoGP motorcycle. But unfortunately it came at a cost of additional weight. When first released the CBR1000 was known for its powerful engine, aggressive look and high build quality.

The Honda CBR1000RR is a return to the type of philosophy that made the original CBR900RR so popular: Take the performance envelope and make it big, make it encompass more than just one aspect of the riding experience. The Honda CBR1000RR is a return to the type of philosophy that made the original CBR900RR so popular: Take the performance envelope and make it big, make it encompass more than just one aspect of the riding experience. Originally released as a 2004 model, the CBR 1000RR represents the current evolution from the CBR954RR, CBR929RR and CBR900RR sportbikes that came before it.  The Honda CBR1000RR is the pinnacle of Honda’s open class sport motorcycle development.




Panjang keseluruhan                                            1940 mm
Lebar keseluruhan                                                 652 mm
Tinggi keseluruhan                                                941 mm
Jarak gandar                                                       1280 mm
Jarak terendah ke lantai                                         140 mm
Jarak ketinggian tempat duduk                               764 mm
Berat kering                                                             95 kg


Jenis                                                       4-Langkah, DOHC, pendingin udara, 4 katup        
Cylinder                                                   1 (Tunggal)
Diameter                                                  62.0 mm
Langkah piston                                         48.8 mm
Isi cylinder                                               147.3  cm3
Perbandingan kompresi                             10.2 : 1
Karburator                                               MIKUNI BS26-187
Saringan udara                                         Tipe kertas
Sistem starter                                           Kick stater
Sistem pelumasan                                     Terendam (wet sump)


Kopling                                                    Basah, manual, plat majemuk
Transmisi                                                 6 Percepatan
Pola pemindah gigi                                   1 – Ke bawah, 5 – Ke atas
Reduksi awal                                            3.500 (70/20)
Reduksi akhir                                            3.071 (43/14)
Perbandingan gigi, rendah                         2.750 (33/12)
                               Ke 2                         1.785 (25/14)
                               Ke 3                         1.368 (26/19)
                               Ke 4                         1.095 (23/21)
                               Ke 5                         0.913 (21/23)
                               Top                          0.800 (20/25)
Rantai penggerak                                      DID428DS 122 mata

Jenis pengapian                                   DC (CDI)
Saat pengapian                                    5 o  B.T.D.C at 1.500  r/min
Busi                                                    NGK CR8E, DENSO U24ESR-N
Battery                                               12V 8Ah 10HR
Generator                                           AC Generator
 Sekering                                            10A
Lampu utama                                       12V 32/32 H8/18W
Lampu rem/belakang                            12V 18/5W
Lampu sein                                          12V 10W
Lampu indikator netral                          LED (Hijau)
Lampu speedometer                             LED (Kuning)
Lampu indikator dim                             LED (Biru)
Lampu indicator TOP                            LED (Kuning)
Lampu indicator                                   LED (Kuning)

Suspensi depan                                    Teleckopic, pegas spiral, bantalan oli
Suspensi belakang                                Lengan ayun,pegas spiral, bantalan oli
                                                          5 tingkat penyerapan oli
Sudut kemudi                                       42 o (kanan dan kiri)
Caster                                                 25 o
Trail                                                   96 mm
Radius Putar                                        2.0 m
Rem depan                                          Disc brake
Rem belakang                                      Disc brake
Ban depan                                           70/90 - 17 38S
Ban belakang                                       80/90 - 17 44S
Jarak main garpu depan                        90 mm
Jarak main roda belakang                     100 mm

Tangki bensin, termasuk cadangan         4,9 L
Oli mesin, Penggantian oli                     1000 ml
               Pengantian Filter oil               1100 ml
               Overhoul                              1200 ml
Oli suspensi depan                               103,5 ml

engine suzuki FU 150

Mesin FU 150 SC mempunyai keunggulan pada teknologi yang di terapkan pada mesin yang berkapasitas 150 CC 4 langkah, pendingin udara / SACS ( Suzuki Advance Cooling System ), DOHC, SCEM ( Suzuki Composite Electrochemical Material ) masuk dalam kategori underbone sport dan merupakan kendaraan bergaya sport baru.

jadwal perawatan berkala Suzuki FL 125 injeksi

2010 Modif Honda Vario

HONDA VARIO WAR BODY MODIFIED Full Fiber Roman armor or armor used by British commanders have inspired Deto Ardiansyah. Honda Vario which mind victim. Because modifications can be inspired by more powerful competitors, the men from Malang, East Java, is changing skutiknya extreme. Because the concept modifnya armor, means must be dismantled pairs. "It means, though extreme, the original body is still there," says this young entrepreneur.
If you see every side of a pointed shape, symbolizing the hero weapons. As the front cover, original lamp. The most sensational part, of the back. The model is like a spiral. "I most like the stern of this and be able to invite the attention of people. Something really different," proud father of this child. Remarkably, many curves, made of fiber. To emphasize the tapering angle and curve, selected one silver color plus black dots.

HONDA VARIO WAR BODY MODIF Full Fiber Not only an impressive body of weapons of war. Contrived Sepatbor tapered front, including a custom rim design with the all-pole spear. Even the size was somewhat daring peleknya, rear and front 8 inches 5 inches. Because the width, axle pushed back to 20 cm. Uniquely, the rear suspension can be up and down to 5 cm of water because it is equipped with suspension. Recognized Deto, these applications were copied from the car community. To keep the air tube is placed on the deck and filling the air took place as the motor in a well lit due to energy sourced from the battery.
tag : Vario, Honda, Scooter Matic, Used motor, modif trend, Modifikasi.

2010 Modif Suzuki Satria FU

Junior high school students this Sidoarjo go to five outlets will close Budhienk Modified racing style trends. After consultation with the chosen hue modifier, the results look funky racing.

2010 Modif Suzuki Satria FUBodiy appeared compelling after modification with paint galaxy. It seems unimpressed plain varnish also pointed galaxy.
Suzuki, Satria FU, Extreme, cool, Airbbrush, Used motor.
Sector appear attractive legs after sleeve pretentious front, rear and standard motor Footstep washed down by AB CHROME chrome layer Bangil.
Not to forget aseso legs also installed the U-shape rim TDR model clad in front of the rear tires Duro. cand

2010 ModifHonda Beat

AHM will certainly sell his sister Honda Vario to target the low end class. Yes, yes skutik in Thailand named Icon. In fact, the White Elephant in the country now has many versions for modification. Began to change in mild to extreme. Examples on this page. The concept is called art techno ubahannya which means designing body art combine with elements of hi-tech.
honda iconRancangan own body nuance sport. Seen at the stern of the vessel tapered tilled MotoGP race. Especially after the two exchanged tire with a tread width. As a result of motor sport scent becomes more widely smelled.

2010 Modif Honda Beat
2010 Modif Honda Beat

While the hi tech elements shown in the application of some memorable parts sophisticated design. For example exhaust gas channel formed silencernya kinds of triangles, and then on the side given lattice kayak shark respiratory tract. Then behind the original construction monosok erect, altered sleep. Not to mention the addition of an arm on the right side rear wheel fender designed fused roda.Oh yes, this bike is the Honda Thailand's AP offerings. Well, who knows this alteration could be the inspiration that will make you want to buy a scooter matic.
Honda, Modifikasi, Scooter Matic, Beat, Extreme, gambar.

Data Spesifikasi
tyre (back/front) : Vee Rubber Racing LS-V266, Radial 110/90 - 12 size
shockbraker front : G@zi, upside down
shockbraker back : G@zi type gas
right Swing arm : Panom
Fender back tyre : Panom
exhoust : Custom
back brake : Disc Brake