Monday, November 1, 2010

It Never Rains but it Pours!

What is this odd image? I wondered as well, this morning, as I checked out the ceiling above the drips in our TV room. The taped green plastic that's pulled away from the ceiling is what Pater put in place yesterday before he and our contractor nailed plywood over the roof structure -- because with the skylight removed until the shingles are applied, debris was free to float in and he wanted to slow it down on its way. But as I stared at it this morning, after last night's wild gale-force winds and pouring rain, I tried to figure out why he'd stuffed a cushion up there, and what cushion was that, all shiny green and wet-looking.

Ah-ha! Slowly, reluctantly, and with some shock, I recognized this creature as the inward-bulging of the tarp, obviously filled with gallons of water. Some of it had already begun obeying the dictates of gravity, working its way through minuscule holes in the tarp to do this
to the leather ottoman below. It had also created a sizable puddle on the fir floor and splashed several books and more than one knitting project.

I debated a few remedies, including trying to push the "cushion" upward and, hopefully, outward, but flashed on the many possible ways that could backfire and stopped myself in time. As well, I thought better of heading up the ladder to try to coax the water along from up above. Instead, I phoned our contractor (Pater being in Vanc'r) who heroically arrived within minutes and went up the ladder to bail.

Everything's drying out now, and the roofers arrive sometime this week, but I've got my drip-catching bowls at the ready.
Did your week start with any comparable drama?