Saturday, October 30, 2010

Editing (and) What I Wore

You may be right: perhaps this skirt is too extravagant to wear to class. But you know that "Fake it 'til You Make it" mantra? Sometimes a bold cheery exterior can pull along a recalcitrant interior -- or at least cover for it!

I'd assumed I'd wear this with brown tights and a brown shoe, but went to bed without locating the tights. In the morning, with no time to spare, it turned out that the only brown tights I could put my hands on were footless. Rejecting my brown slouch boots as, well, too slouchy and my better-fitted black ones as too black, I decided to try a nude leg with these favourite bought-in-Paris-years-ago shoes. I'm not sure either works with the skirt, but overall I like the combo -- although now I'm hankering for brown/tan boots, knee-high, fitted. . .
Skirt: Robert Rodriguez, bought on sale at Holt's the summer before last
Sweater: Banana Republic
Shoes: Paris store that might begin with "C"?? somewhere in St. Germain, around Rue de Dragon, Rue du Four . . . I love a bit of history with my shoes . . .

Other than a long run this morning (20+km, the peak of training for the half I hope to run next month) and a quick flip through the pages of The Globe and Mail, my weekend's mostly going to be dedicated to a big stack of marking -- and actually, reading The Globe and marking student papers are so far yielding a surprising number of errors -- at least my students can rightfully complain that they don't have an editor; not so (I hope!) for The Globe's journalists.

What about you? Any particular weekend fun you're up to? Halloween parties? Crazy costumes?