Friday, October 29, 2010

Working to the Light

Still working to find the happy. And it's here, in small doses, if I look hard. Light on the horizon and all that.

Evidence that even in winter there will be life -- these Mahonia japonica buds will burst into a yellow wheel of fragrance sometime in January or February.

And yesterday's fierce battle to keep my tears in check in public (I lost, but not for long) was balanced by two wonderful visits with really engaged, bright students -- one, going through his own tough stuff, nevertheless kept up his side of an intense discussion of critical theory's place in his sorting out a relationship with the world; the other, a student I taught over a year ago, stopped by for tea and a long talk about what language and writing mean to her, a poet and avid reader, and about the possibilities for adventure that she sees in this century's many challenges. Both students moved me because they live with such integrity, rejecting the programmed and superficial obvious. They give me hope. And hope makes me happy. But you knew that, right?