Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Different View From Here -- Reno Drama

Lest the whole opera thing is fooling you that I live a terribly glam life (ha!), here's the current view from my kitchen -- if one looks up.
That's a lot of sky, eh? Great light to cook by, interesting intersection of all those architectural lines, but not so very warm. So far, we've been very lucky that the fall rains have held off, but it's dropping down to 5 or 6 degrees Celsius at night.

The "boys" have started stuffing batts of fibreglass in the whole at night, and Pater reassures me that the roof is tarped, but I'll feel better when the new skylight is placed into the new roof that is being built around it.
This photo was taken early last week, after the initial hole was cut, before the framing was built above it. Don't they look pleased with themselves? Our wonderful carpenter Mathieu exudes a quiet competence and a steady will to work, so I'm actually quite comfortable with the whole process. Glad I'm at work all day, though, and that by the time I get home the mess is cleaned up and Pater has dinner on the stove.

Meanwhile, a second hole has been cut in the main-floor bathroom for another skylight. Hmmm, I wonder if this has anything to do with the twitch I've developed around my left eye. Or the cold sore on my lip. . .

But at least the weather is still fabulous -- one more day, according to the forecast, and then the rains begin. So I'm off for what may be the last fall-sunshine run and then those two tough workdays. When I re-emerge on Friday, I'll see what I can muster in the way of a What I Wore post -- if I can get my cameraman down off that roof!