Friday, October 15, 2010

What I Wore -- Before the Opera

I see that the Vancouver Opera Blog has posted about Blogging Night at the Opera and has linked to me and to my three fellow Bloggers at the Opera. I wish I didn't have to head to campus this morning -- I just had a peek at their blogs, and I'd like to spend more time seeing the world through their eyes. At a quick glance, though, I'd say we represent a range of interests, and it will be fun to see our different perspectives from our seats in the lobby tomorrow night. One thing is obvious: I'm representing a different generation than the others. And if you think Opera is for the blue-rinse set, think again!

Anticipating extra traffic now that the VOA Blog links are up, I'm feeling weirder than ever about posting my weekly What I Wore. Especially since they've "outed" me by linking my IRL name to my supposedly anonymous Blogger name (yeah, I never really count on anonymity, but imagining it can be a comfort). One of these days, I'll notice a group of my students sniggering in the back of the classroom, clustered around a netbook, and I'll know I've been busted. You can imagine what a group of 19-year olds will think of a Woman My Age posting photos representing her supposed Style!
Edited to Add: To be clear, this was an 'outing' with my permission as well as my trepidation. I thought about the consequences when I agreed to participate, and I decided the experience would be well worth overcoming any shyness.

But breaking those stereotypes, stretching the imaginations about what we Aged Folk might do, that's part of what these WIW posts are about. Did you happen to read The Women's Room about the youngsters' response to Sart's recent older-woman photo? Bang on! Is it really so amazing that we care about clothes at an age when we can finally, if we're lucky, afford them?

At any rate, this was me, Tuesday. Pseu earlier offered some much more sophisticated ways to wear a motorcycle/cavalry boot to the office, setting up her clever Polyvore-on-the-Floors. Remember that my workplace is a much more tolerant venue, a university campus, and that my style, much as I'd like to go Classic with a Twist, tends more to funky than sophisticated. These Fiorentini & Baker riding-type boots (in their 3rd year) are not particularly flattering with the length of this Sandwich dress, but I felt strong and cheerful in the combo, and that can't be bad! Plus you'll note that I've restrained the funky (the boots, the structural playfulness of the dress's hem, pockets) by sticking to a neutral palette.

The sweater's Wilfrid (Aritzia) -- 2 or 3 years old, the scarf I got last spring at my local boutique, ditto the acrylic bracelet you can't really see properly here.

So there you have it: my What to Wear for this second week of October. I think Lilian would have found my boots pretty useful on her amazing journey, but she would surely have needed a cobbler along her way. Tomorrow night, though, I expect to see an entirely different range of footwear. After all, it's Opening Night of a World Premiere AND it's the Season Opener for the VOA. I'm thinking about channelling some Lilian for my own outfit, but I suspect there'll be plenty of bling being channelled as well. If you're there, come say "hi" -- if not, tune in later this weekend for a report.

Meanwhile, happy weekend!