Wednesday, October 13, 2010

News and Views, From Opera Premieres to Big and Little Boats!

Some recent traffic in front of our place: a fishing lodge being transported, three small-smaller-smallest tugboats in a parade, and a couple of freighters far from home, waiting to be guided into port and unloaded. Always something to watch. Yesterday, Pater said, he saw a big sea lion haul itself out of the water right on our neighbour's beach. That's unusual, and I'm glad they're not around during swimming season!

Today-through-tomorrow are my busy days, and I'm determined to fit in an hour's run before I head off today, but I have to tell you my exciting news.

Quite a few weeks ago, Ling Chan, the Social Media Manager at the Vancouver Opera (and the VOA has been collecting kudos for the great job it's been doing spreading the word about Opera through blogs, FaceBook, Twitter, and so on) invited me to join their Blogging at the Opera crew for this Saturday's world premiere of Lilian Ailing -- it's a brand-new opera, commissioned by the VOA with music by John Estacio and a libretto by John Murrell. It's based on the true story of a young Russian woman, an immigrant to New York in the 1920s who walked across North America and up through British Columbia's northwest, in search of a man named Jozéf. Seriously. It's an epic journey treated as an epic should be -- operatically! You can find out more here: follow Lilian's journey, listen to parts of the opera, read about the costumes and set design, AND, if you're anywhere near Vancouver, you should try to get tickets. There are still seats available over the four nights, even some great promotions if you're 28 or younger. And if you get tickets for opening night, be sure to come by and say hello -- I'll be blogging in the lobby with several other local bloggers.

Now I've gotta run, literally . . . but think about picking up opera tickets. This is going to be an event!