Monday, October 11, 2010

Givng Thanks for Family


I'm not sure how I managed it, but I marked 85 (short, hand-written) essays over the weekend, went for one long run, had brunch with my extended family (mom, my uncle, my sibs and their kids, some of mine), ate a few meals at some favourite Vancouver casual spots (Central Pho on Davie, La Bretagne Crêperie on Jervis), even picked up a few essentials (re-stocked my hair product, the all-important Curls Rock). My marking callous is growing another layer, my eye has developed a twitch, but thanks to Pater, I marked away and still got to enjoy a yummy Thanksgiving dinner with my crew.

And Nola.
Is there anything more fun than a doting aunt?

Except maybe an indulgent uncle. . . .

Or two?
Nola is blessed, as are Pater and I, not only by her mom's sisters and brother, but also by their partners, two of whom are pictured here. Pater and I are so fortunate to have in- and out-laws who have become family to us, and it's a delight to see Nola basking in that wealth.

Now onwards into a busy week -- I've got a big surprise coming up this Saturday, and I only hope I'll find a moment or two to tell you about it before then. I'll give you a hint, though. Vancouver Opera is premiering a spectacular new opera with a compelling story line. Read more about Lilian Ailing here -- and think about buying tickets. We could meet up if you get tickets for Saturday night. More to follow . . .