Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Still in the Garden . . .

There's rain scheduled for tomorrow. And the day after that. And the day after that. And knowing how the weather can be here, we might be carrying umbrellas right through November. December. January. February.

But this week we've had a lovely reprieve. Sunshine at temperatures just right for tights -- I love it!
And so although I've regaled you with many a pretty Fall photo post, here comes another. It's all just so beautiful out there right now.

The grasses, for example, their seed heads gleaming in the light.
And the parthenocissus (**tricuspidata** -- added after Pseu's comment below), or Virginia creeper Boston Ivy**, that transforms a tall stump into a brilliant flame dominating the garden.

Not bad, the roses still blooming in October . . .
the bamboo
these exquisite purple beads on the Callicarpa -- we picked up two more of these plants the other day and Pater dug them in nearby for an even more dramatic cluster in future.
The sedum spectabile, Autumn Splendour, really hold their own for a month or two in the Fall, although I appreciate their fleshy green through spring and summer.

And while these Allium globes were spectacular as large purple spring flowers, they're still an interesting sculptural ornamentation dotted through the garden (in the background you can see the hardy fuschia, still blooming profusely).
Head down, now, nose to the grindstone, soldiering into the toughest part of my week. When I emerge sometime Friday, it will be to head to Vancouver for Thanksgiving weekend. Are you planning for the weekend already as well?