Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fall Garden Pleasures

For a few years, while we were getting our garden set up, Pater and I built our weekend entertainment around visiting nurseries, especially the favourite now-sadly-defunct Island Specialty Nursery.
Because we did this almost year-round for a couple of years, and because our magpie eyes were generally drawn to whatever was brightest and shiniest at that particular season, our garden happily delivers delights through every season.
As well, besides the blooms, berries, reddening leaves, and seed-heads that enliven a fall garden, I am charmed by the way autumn sunlight creates charming shadowplays, as above, on the various garden structures.
And the various garden sculptures, whether artist-wrought or beach-found, hold their own better when they needn't compete with summer's blowsy blooms.
Stones are the perfect foil for fallen leaves.
Clematis seed-heads, all silken shine, invite closer appreciation. . .

demonstrating their value long after their nodding yellow flowers are done
while nearby their kin are just getting started and the white petals will soon festoon wall, roof, and pergola (Sweet autumn -- clematis maximowicziana)
Asters all over the yard . . .

October, and the garden is still giving me such pleasure. And I've got a few more photos to show you some winter-blooming plants getting ready to do their stuff. Talk about the gift that keeps on giving . . .