Friday, September 24, 2010

Boots . . .It's Academic . . .

You knew I was going to buy these boots, didn't you?! After my sister sent me the link to them (wretched enabling temptress that she is!)**, I stopped by Fluevog's to check them out. Loved them immediately, but calculated for a day or two. Recognized that I only had one pair of flat leather boots --brown cavalry, a considerably different vibe. Permission given to try on these Britneys.
Love at first sight, maybe, but NOT at first zip! I've never had a problem fitting boots over my calves. Yes, I've upped my running mileage recently, but not enough to bulk up. Yet the zipper was pinching inches before the top. . . Once I squeezed it tight, though, it was clear these will be in constant rotation. Splendidly comfy -- I wore this outfit Wednesday, my very long day, with nary a blister raised by the supple leather, despite the snug fit. And besides comfortable, dare I say they're a bit sassy?!
The skirt's a BCBG stretch jersey pencil skirt, also super comfy. Black tights, black boots, black stretch-cotton/poly T: I was mindful of Duchesse's recent caution about black on women our age. Still too warm in the classroom for a scarf--instead, I opted for these large chocolate gold beads as face-brightener. Studying the photo, I see I really must find a classic leather-strap watch. With my smaller stainless-steel-linked watch in the shop, I wore this Michael Kors big blue beast, which I'm finding too much for most outfits these days.

So there's a What I Wore for this week -- not sure anyone would deem this Academic Professional, but I liked it. Now off to figure out today's get-up and then move through Friday into the weekend. Mine's full of the first mountain of marking, but I'll squeeze in a treat or two. How's yours shaping up?

**She FB'd me yesterday that she bought a pair as well. Don't worry: we decided against a Sisters-in-Matching-Boots outing. . .