Sunday, September 19, 2010

Much Ado About Boots

We're in Vancouver for the weekend -- the kids gave Pater a series of cooking classes as a retirement gift and yesterday he sharpened us his knife skills (tee-hee!). Meanwhile, I had a long run then put in some serious Nana time at the park and shared some delicious mac'n'cheese -- and got Nola to say "muddy buddies" about 34 times because she gets so many cute syllables into those two words!
Afterwards I trolled the shops getting a sense of the Fall goodies. And Wow! there is a lot of grey and black out there! Accented by camel, which I really can't wear. I was looking for a particular shade of taupe, slightly rosy, that I know will be perfect with a skirt I love but haven't quite got the right top for. I'm thinking a cashmere T, preferably with a V-neck. It's not out there.
But these boots are. Thanks to my sister, who sent me a Fluevogram with a picture of them and a note that she wondered if they'd be great with her new MaxMara coat, I had to go check them out in person. And I think I need a new pair of boots. The Britney, as these are called. I'm pretty sure I need these boots.
Also went to see Much Ado About Nothing in the wonderful Bard on the Beach mainstage tent -- such a sparkling production with beautiful costumes (Edwardian, by Mara Gottler who has her own very delicious fashion label). Even made up for the festival seating (first-come-first-seated means lining up before doors open to scramble for seats), the not-too-comfy chairs, and the porta-potties -- apparently there is a new tent in the works for next year which will perhaps remedy some of these minor discomforts. And, as I say, these were all worth suffering for this version of Ado, which had the audience laughing out loud at many points throughout. Indeed, I think the audience was able to follow particularly well because the articulation was so clear -- I suspect this had something to do with the talents of voice coach Alison Mathews. I've never been able to hear so precisely the words of a Shakespeare play, each one as well-formed in my inner ear as if I'd had the script right in front of me.
The play is in its last week --- after next weekend those splendid red and white tents will depart from Kits taking the last bit of summer with them, and we'll switch to opera and other distractions from the fall rains.
Meanwhile, some of us will be sighing over boots. What do you think? Do the Britneys get your approval?