Thursday, September 16, 2010

Leather and Tough Spots and Treats, Oh Yes!

Duchesse's post yesterday has me figuring how I can stop by Danier's to check out their leather Ts and sheath dress. We'll be so close this weeekend, but we're only over 'til Sunday morning and Saturday's already got a run, some Nola time, and a Shakespeare play on the agenda.

So I'm reminding myself, Steady, Woman, Didn't you just buy yourself some pretty leather? . . .
Which reminded me I'd promised to model it for you, instead of simply showing it on the young modelshow you how a woman of a certain age ather than on the model. This isn't the best photo -- I'm wearing a thick leather belt underneath, as if my own middle weren't girth enough! And Pater always takes so long setting up the shots that my smile and pose stiffen and skew (he's working on it. . .). But you get the idea.

I didn't get home 'til almost 10 last night, after a long day that culminated in teaching a class from 6 'til 9. And in my body's twisted logic, that meant I didn't sleep well (why fatigue should translate into restless nights I can never understand) and have been awake since before 5 although I refused to get out of bed before 6. So I suspect today will feel at least as long as yesterday, even though I'll be done earlier. Funny how it all seemed so do-able in the planning process -- what was I thinking?

And the Pilates class I was so glad to get back to has left me excruciatingly aware of my musculature, particularly of the abdominal area. Ouch!

But I've got a little treat planned for Thursday mornings -- I've decided that since my Wednesday nights make the early Thursdays a challenge, I won't bother getting my breakfast at home those days but instead will head to our wonderful Mon Petit Choux for coffee and a brioche. Thus imbibing some Paris memories along with my morning repast, I'll be fortified for the day. So that's where I'm off to now.

What treats have you planned to get you through the tough spots? Do tell . . .