Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sailing Through a Fall Week

So I'd say that was just about enough introspection for at least a week! Let's all look at something else, shall we? Like yesterday's morning sunrise, watching some lucky someone's yacht work its way around to the harbour. . .
I'm sure its passengers were all contentedly enjoying their morning coffee while I stood on the deck with my tea and my camera.

Then, since I was outside already and since my slippers have fairly sturdy soles, I couldn't resist taking the camera down to the beach . . .

But then that whole nasty business of earning a living intruded, and some getting dressed and packing a lunch ensued, and soon there I was in front of a classroom, mostly having fun -- Week Two is still pretty much honeymoon although it takes tons of energy, on my part at least. Only a bit of impatience at a few students who wondered if they should buy the books soon. Um, yes, and the four chapters listed for today's reading in your course outline weren't a clue? Mostly, though, we had lively and interesting discussions about the reading, and I'm beginning to know which voices will pop up most regularly, which tentative faces in the back row need a bit of encouraging, which awkward, quiet student in the front row will deliver occasional brilliant surprises.

And after teaching my two 90-minute classes and meeting with students during my office hours and working through an e-pile of administrative stuff, I happily stretched to my heart's content (although probably to today and tomorrow's sore muscles) at my first Pilates class after a too-long studio summer closure. Especially given all the running I've been doing, the stretching has been sorely missed (hmmm, that pun wasn't intended but it works).

Home, then, to an empty house at the end of the day -- after four or five years being on my own during the week, this is the first time since Pater's retirement that I've had the place all to myself. And I'll admit that as much as I love having him around again -- and having dinner ready when I get home doesn't hurt his cause at all -- I'm also very happy with my own company, and the quiet was very pleasantly expansive.

The sharp angle of the almost-setting sun shone a crisp light on these vessels, and I was pulled out onto the deck with my camera again, book-ending the day. . . (you may have to click on this photo to see the CPrail ferry against the island shore below).
Today's a busy one, and I teach an evening class (6-9) -- a long day, which may put a dent in my positive attitude. But perhaps you'll share yours, and it will all be good. Or perhaps I can simply look at my photos and remember what beauty is out there, just for the looking . . .