Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Back to School Clothes

Poor Pater -- I interrupted his new retirement habit of reading the papers on-line this morning, asking him if he'd photograph my back-to-school outfit for my blog. He made sure to take enough shots from enough angles to guarantee at least some success, and he even knew I'd want the shoes in the photo.

And then as a reward he got to listen to me being dismayed about the truths the camera offers. I obviously still have too much in common with that teen-aged self whose portrait I shared with you the other day. But I am determined to get comfortable with -- even like! -- my visual image within my lifetime. So here I am, in a BR shirtdress, my black patent Browns brogues, tights (which I assumed were black when I grabbed them out of the drawer this morning, but turned out, in the light of day to be navy), a Birks necklace, and a leather belt.
A comfortable, yet authoritative combo, I thought, for facing all those new faces.
It was a bit odd to be wearing tights again after a summer in sandals and bare legs, but it was a good kind of odd -- I do like fall clothes, the shift to that more textured wardrobe. But the forecast is for sunshine tomorrow, and our non-air-conditioned and crowded classrooms mean I won't be packing away the sundresses yet.
So there you go -- a What I Wore post as promised. If only my students would do their homework so efficiently . . .