Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Blogging while Slogging . . . Back to School

I can already tell posting will be light over the next week or so as I adjust to getting myself on campus four days a week. Besides an abundance of "contact" hours this term, the first-year sections will have me marking most weekends and evenings as well, and blogging will have to slip lower on the list for a while.

But there's always so much going on, in the garden, in the family, in the blogverse, in the wardrobe, that I know I'll still be here regularly, perhaps in briefer form, relying more on garden photos to say hello. And, of course, I have to follow up my last post with the promised "big reveal" . . . . I'm also thinking it's time to fit in a "What I Wore" post now and again, especially since recently-retired Pater is available to point that camera.

Meanwhile, though, better go figure out what I'm going to wear today to stand in front of all those eager newbies (please God, let just a few of them be eager, please?!).

So I'll leave you with these photos of the wonderfully red and shiny rose hips of rosa glauca. One of the many delights of September . . .