Monday, August 30, 2010

Family Celebrations and Obligations . . .

A very busy weekend, familias-style. Saturday night, our kids celebrated Pater's retirement with a pizza party, homemade dough and toppings for customizing. Nola had a great time with aunts and uncles to indulge her every wish.
We started the evening with Sparkly prosecco to celebrate the Sparkly ring on Daughter #3's left ring finger, given to her by soon-to-be Son-in-Law Rob, pictured below. Congratulations! Much happiness!
I also got other pockets of Nola time on the weekend, some solo baby-sitting while everyone else in the family hiked the Grouse Grind -- girl's reading up a storm here, but she can still flash up a "Cheese" and big smile as soon as she spots a camera!

And we did an all-day-all-night stint of N-sitting as well, which included a trip to the Petting Zoo. Goats are not shy. Nola can be. Thank goodness for Granddads.

I'm grateful for all your thoughtful comments to my post on my teenage perspective on my visual self, and I'm beginning to work on the follow-up post, but meanwhile, we're picking my Mom up today and bringing her back to the island with us for a few days. I'm partly inspired by Diana Athill's Somewhere Towards the End, which anyone at all concerned with facing old age with dignity and style should read. I quoted from her here and here but I'm also very moved by her comments about caring for her mother and her response to her mother's death. And I think she's spot on about the good fortune of those aged who still enjoy making things -- and for so many, that "thing" was a garden, and my mother's had to give hers up.
So we'll take her back to ours and see if she can still enjoy that kind of creative and physical puttering. I'll let you know.
With any luck, I'll also find a minute to tell you about a couple of movies I think you'd enjoy. Meanwhile, let me know what you're up to this week.