Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sunshine Stylin'

This guy is such a good sport. He favours clean and classic lines, generally, but almost never shops for himself, relying on gifts and so, coincidentally, on my taste and that of our son and daughters. As well, he Makes. Things. Last. He loves that his Blundstones are six years old. For many years, he wore Doc Martens with his sports jackets/pants/shirt-tie combos to work (altho' not with suits; he drew the line), gleeful if he got three years of almost-daily wear from them (he walked 20minutes to work and back each day). I just gave him a pair of dark brown Sperry Top-siders mocassins that I suspect I'll be hiding from him six or seven years down the road.

These OP (Ocean Pacific)Oakley sunglasses I bought him five or six years ago, when he tried on a pair our son was wearing, and realized that paying $150 for sunglasses DID indeed provide sharper vision. The last year or two, I've noticed that the only ones still wearing this style accessorize them with a different lifestyle than Pater's. (As our daughter says, "I'm worried he's going to start wearing Ed Hardy t-shirts").

Although Pater showed some signs of weakness when he realized our kids were agreeing with me on the glasses, he wasn't going to buy new ones. These still did the job they'd been hired for, and did it very well. Why replace them?

Until he saw our SIL (ADDED Later, Son-in-law, Adam) wearing a very nice, simple pair of aviator-style (but not one that screamed "aviator"-- these assert themselves very quietly, authoritatively, just like Pater). Turns out SIL had bought these -- the style is called "The General" -- at Mr. Lee's on Broadway, just off Main, in Vancouver. I'd read about Mr. Lee's at Thomas' blog a few months earlier and wanted to check it out. And when Pater heard these sunglasses were only $80 . . . .

So we're ready for sunshine, more sunshine -- and we're getting it. Another 31 degrees Celsius today. We've got friends driving up-island from Victoria to visit, rosé and beer chilling in the fridge, the makings of a steak salad ready to go, and I may make a blackberry clafouti for dessert. Tell me what you're up to this sunny weekend.