Sunday, July 25, 2010

Which Way to the Beach?!

We got home July 8th, and it's been sunny ever since, with more of the same forecast through next weekend and beyond. I worry a bit about drought and the salmon soon trying to return, and I worry a bit about the fire high alert conditions on the island, and I worry a bit about which garden plants need coddling through this heat. But mostly, with the ocean right nearby to dip into for a cool-down, I'm just enjoying our good luck. We've had my daughter and her little one here all week, such a treat to get to visit at that relaxed pace. Friday night, my son and his GF joined us, then Saturday, Nola's Da-Da, and then our other daughter and her guy. Sunday was the double birthday (my oldest and my youngest share a birthday) AND the local Marine Festival, known far and wide for our Bathtub Races. There's a big party on the island Saturday night, and then we all watch the bathtubs race by when the cannon fires at 11 -- Lots of fun!

So I came downstairs Sunday morning to this collection of shoes by the front door. I love that sight -- really takes me back to the child/teen-rearing years when the kids would have their friends over and there'd be a barricade of shoes by the door.

Into the kitchen to make my tea, and I looked outside to another sight that made me happy,

Pater chatting with Daughter #3 and her BF in the rising sun (they get up surprisingly early since they've had their little dog -- good practise for you-know-what, not that I'm pushing for more grandchildren any time soon . . .)

Later in the morning, similar pose, different players (Daughter #1 and Son's GF). We made numerous errors in building/renovating our house, but the front deck and stairs we got just right. They were designed to get as much casual seating out of the stairs as possible, to accommodate chatting while view-watching, and they're brilliant for that as well as for enjoying a solitary morning coffee.

We're also pleased with how many little nooks there are for sitting away from the crowds -- and Pater likes moving around the yard through the day depending on which combo of sun and shade he wants.

And there's always room to spread out on the beach. Either for tide pool adventures -- imagine having all these aunts and uncles to turn over rocks on your command so that crabs might scuttle forth. . . what bliss for Nola!

And there are other blisses. A sea-weathered rock, flat as a bed, warmed by the sun, just the place for a weary young dad . . .

And if all that gorgeous nature isn't enough, we could always check out the pretty beach toes. This season's fashionable shades

And the cutest toes of all, the au naturel, but with a difference. This young fashionista has achieved this spotted tan effect with an innovative new technology.

Should you wish to achieve a similar effect, you will need to purchase, beg, or borrow a product like this and wear it conscientiously in the sunshine for several days . . .

Although perhaps you'd just as soon stay inside and practise your stair-climbing . . . .

We've had such fun. Son and GF left yesterday, the rest of the crew departs today. Pater and I will be having a long nap and observing a prolonged and contented silence thereafter.
How was your weekend? Do you love having summer houseguests?