Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Cycling Girls in Lycra

Cycling Girls in Lycra Cycling Girls in Lycra
Olympic champion cyclist Victoria Pendleton loses her lycra in ...
29 May 2009 ... Olympic gold cyclist Victoria Pendleton loses her lycra in revealing ... 'Some of the girls I race against are quite masculine and have very ...

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Rainbow Knit Dresses: In for Fall??

My good blogging friend, IndigoAlison, commented on an earlier post that she sometimes wishes good children's clothes could be sized up for adults. Bet she'd pass, though, on a rainbow- coloured handknit wool dress -- but look Alison, it's got stripes, you love stripes, right?

Luckily for Alison, I won't be making her a gift version of this anytime soon. This wee dress was made out of yarn left over from this project from the Tara Froseth pattern Little Sister's Dress .

But Nola doesn't care about that. She just loves the duck button.
(By the way, she now has a full repertoire of animal sounds. Her answer to "What does the frog say?" is the most delightful "Bobbit, bobbit," any Nana has ever bragged about, only topped by the whimsical way she meows, delicately, for "What does the cat say?")

Now that I've charmed you with ducks and dresses and granddaughters, might I whine a wee bit. I'm finding it a bit tough to post these days. Partly that's because we've got an amusing wee person and her ever-so-well-raised-by-clearly-superior-parents mother staying with us this week and the temperatures in this third straight week of sunny skies are more conducive to beach and hammock than to word-processing. But it's partly also, my shallow, approval-seeking self admits, due to low numbers reported by my Statcounter. I'm blabbing and blabbing away and people are tiptoeing by, avoiding the boring blather . . . at least, that's what my sensitive, insecure blogging self wonders. Really, I suspect, many of you are enjoying or grappling with the summer's irregular schedule and not getting to your blog-reading. My own Google Reader has been sadly neglected.

But I'm curious to hear from other bloggers: Do you find a dip in the stats through July? Does it bother you? Do you respond by posting less since those words are rather wasted anyway and blog material is not to be squandered?

And if your numbers have soared, I'm not sure if I should ask you to keep that a secret and leave me my illusions, or if I'll beg you to share some tips to keep the summer readers.

For now, though, I'm closing up my Netbook and heading outside. First a good run, but then the choices are walking to the park with Nola or taking her to the beach to look for crabs (since she's arrived, her vocabulary has stretched: crab, beach, boat, barnacle, rock, stone, seaweed, ocean, house, Lily (the dog visiting next door) . . . and on, and on . . . )