Friday, July 16, 2010

french denim for the younger set

Given the space limitations of carry-on luggage, I constrain myself from too much shopping in Paris (although I borrowed some of Pater's space to bring back some great linen pieces that were on sale at Crea). But I decided last year that one regular indulgence would be buying a dress for my granddaughter. Yes, there's a wealth of choice in children's wear locally, but I like the idea of Nola wearing something her Nana brought back from Paris, and Petit Bateau makes some delightfully chic, quintessentially French (at least to me) items. Last year I brought back a navy-and-white-striped T-dress, heavy cotton jersey.
And this year's choice, which I forgot to photograph before giving it to our girl, is a light cotton chambray, lined in navy-white gingham, pleats, cuffs, and buttoned placket opening given enough "couture" details to give our darling that certain je ne sais quoi (the photo above is from the Petit website which doesn't seem to allow borrowing of a larger image).
When I gave it to her the other night, she exclaimed "Cute!" obviously mimicking what she'd heard her mom and I saying, and she nodded a happy affirmation when I asked if she wanted to try it on. It's a bit too big right now, but did give an already very charming toddler that extra boost of Gallic sophistication. . .