Friday, July 9, 2010

Nestling back in, feeling lucky

I'm feeling quite pleased with myself for bringing the good weather back home with me -- the whole time we were away, the temperature here rarely got into the low 20s, but this week it's in the mid to high 20s and even dipping into the low 30s.

Driving down to Horseshoe Bay yesterday from the Upper Levels Highway at 6:15, we couldn't regret leaving Europe behind, much as we loved our holiday -- it's spectacular here, islands, mountains, sun on sea.

Coming home, I always mind, just a little, having to pick up groceries in town -- I'm impatient to get back on the island, but once there, I know we won't want to head to town again. And it doesn't take long to grab a few basics for lunch and dinner. Next impatience is waiting for Pater to check out the boat, warm the motor up, fidget with whatever he thinks might need fixing: Can't you do that later?!

On the island, we cross our fingers that no one has borrowed our bikes. They're both there, right where we left them, but my bike seat is covered with bird droppings. At least the nest they were under wasn't a heron's -- then the bike would be buried!
We load our carriers with groceries and suitcases and we're almost home, only one more stop at the mailbox to gather up three weeks' worth of mostly bills.

Then here we are! The garden's overgrown, the pond needs serious topping up, but the pump is still working, the roses and mock orange and honeysuckle smell fabulous, and there's a fresh little breeze coming off the water to stir up a bit of coolness.

I don't especially love unpacking, but sorting through cleans and dirties, putting camera and computer and cables back in their rightful spots, filing travel guides and souvenirs and converter plugs away for next trip, all of this nesting comforts me, as does loading the washing machine and hanging clothes in the sunshine and pulling a few weeds as I plan which part of the garden to tackle first. In the early evening, I move the sprinkler to the driest spots while Pater whips up a wealth of vegetables and a salad, accompaniment to barbequed lamb chops and (homemade) pesto-dressed new potatoes -- I have so craved big portions of coloured food!

This morning we woke at 4:30 and a stunning sunrise reconciled us to our jet-lagged body clock. The temperature outside was already (still?) in the low 20s, so after our morning cuppa, we headed out separately for a run around the island, my first run in weeks (Pater ran yesterday). What a pleasant change from walking, altho' I'm going to take it easy building up my running distance again.

Right now, Pater's paddling (kayaking) to town for groceries -- I considered going with but I think some alone time might be good for both of us, despite how well we've enjoyed each other's company lately. I've puttered in the garden and now I'm puttering here and soon it will be late enough that I can take that afternoon nap I'm already craving! I'm also going to organize more of my vacation pictures and I hope you won't mind a few more posts about the trip.

My wish for you today: may there be a hammock or a shaded bench for you to sit in some quiet spot . . . what are you up to?