Monday, June 7, 2010

If this is Monday, I must be in . . .

You know the litany of activities I regaled you with last post? The corollary of those itinerant activities has been another list -- of beds I've slept in this past week:
last Monday: Hotel de la Montagne, Montreal
Tuesday: Vancouver apartment
Wednesday: Island home
Thursday: Vancouver apartment
Friday, Saturday: Daughter's apartment for b-sitting gig
Sunday: Vancouver apartment

So, is it any wonder that when I woke this morning to the 6:00 delightful sound of the kid upstairs running around, I tried to figure out how the raccoons on the deck were making such a racket!! Took me a few moments to remember where I was and if I'd been more awake I'd have had a giggle over the size of those imaginary beasts! (Raccoons are trouble enough at their current size -- they need no further advantages!)

I'm heading back to the island now, since I have two days of meetings there. Then I'll be back here Wednesday for a party to celebrate a life-changing milestone in the bio of someone very close to me. (I suspect some of you will guess . . .)
Can't believe I haven't mentioned this before now -- more to come . . .