Sunday, May 30, 2010

Some Montreal colour

You know the cliché about the picture being worth a thousand words? Well, here are six thousand words, just for you -- I walked for hours, literally, this afternoon, after attending a great panel this morning (all work, no play, you know . . . I took the afternoon off!).
There are many thousands more words where these came from, but I thought I'd start by showing you how colourful Montreal buildings can be -- most of these are from up around the Plateau, Mont-Royal, and Mile End . . . with the last, a building on Sherbrooke near St. Laurent, a different genre completely, but I quite like its wavy green glass.

Even the back alleys have colour!

Next post, I have many more shots of these leafy neighbourhoods, but for now, here's a prettily coloured house.

I think this was a Librairie -- a bookstore, on a mainly residential corner.

Couldn't you just move in?! I want the one with the Hermès orange trim!
And finally, as I said, a completely different vernacular, and I can imagine some people disliking this one, but I think I love it . . .

Back in my room, enjoying room service tea and debating what to do for dinner on my own. So many possibilities . . .