Saturday, May 22, 2010

Foot Colour!

I have been toiling, trying to keep my nose to the grindstone, trying to ensure there will be something on the page in front of me in Montreal next week. But I did find time for my pedicure, so I can show you both my OPI-d toes and my new Born sandals. These are much prettier than my metallic thonged Birks and the footbed promises comfort over kilometres of Montreal, Paris, London streets this summer.
I've been looking for an orange sandal for sometime now, so these were not an impulse buy, but a "Finally, I found them!"buy, and I'm looking forward to wearing them with my long white cotton skirt, with jeans, with khaki and olive -- there's not much the orange won't complement. (My sister picked up a pair in the prettiest soft gold, gently metallic, so useful I debated getting a second pair.)

Although I probably would have avoided the orange-on-orange pairing if I'd bought the perfect cropped cargo pants (Hei-Hei) that Anthropologie did not have in my size -- so close, and I so loved them -- deep burnt orange, almost rust, cotton poplin. Keep wondering if I should have taken the size 6 that were just a bit too tight, but I know I was right to walk away. . . Sadly . . .
Any sad stories your way about "the garment/shoe that got away"?
Or happy ones about cute new sandals?
And whatever your toes are wearing, are you taking them anywhere fun this weekend (a long one in Canada) or do they get to rest in a hammock or a chaise longue on your patio? Whichever you choose, enjoy! Meanwhile, despite what my toes wish, my nose is aimed back at that grindstone. . .